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Tooka (Non-sentient Feline)

Tooka (Non-sentient Feline)

Watto (Toydarian Junk Shop Owner)

Watto (Toydarian Junk Shop Owner)

Model: Industrial Automaton Hyperborean (Third Degree Droid)

Agility: 4D6
        Firearms 4d6
        Brawl 4d6
        Brawling Parry 4d6
        Dodge 4d6
        Melee Combat 4d6
        Melee Parry 4d6
        Run 4d6

Knowledge: 4D6
        Alien Species 6d6
        Business 6d6
        Cultures 6d6
        Languages 6d6
        Law Enforcement 6d6

Mechanical: 4D6
        Astrogation 6d6
        Piloting 6d6
        Sensors 6d6

Perception: 4D6
        Bargaining 4d6
        Hide 4d6
        Investigation 6d6
        Persuasion 4d6
        Search 4d6
        Sneak 4d6

Strength: 4D6
        Lifting 4d6

Technical: 4D6
        Computer P/R 6d6
        Flight Systems R 5d6
        First Aid 5d6
        Medicine (A) 5d6
        Security 5d6

Equipped With:
        SimNerve (Grade I)
        SynthMuscle (+1D all Strength Based Actions)
        SynthFlesh (Looks and feels human)
        Complex Personality Matrix
        Holocam w/All Options
        Holoprojector (High End)
        Internal Comlink
        Internal Scomplink Interface (Wire based instead of arm based)
        Sensor Package (Increases Search, Blaster, Dodge skills by 5D, has Thermographic and         Ultrasound as well as Macrovision)
        Reinforced Chassis (+3D to resist all Attacks)

Move: 10, Legs
Size: Human sized, many models available
Cost: 115,000 Credits

Description: The Hyperborean model Companion Droid was designed to fulfill many functions desired by business travelers, superstars and other people. It has a complex set of skill packages that allow it to function in many different areas- although it was intended as a combination Protocol and Guardian droid. It is available in many different skin tones and body sizes as well as different sexes. From well muscled to svelte the Hyperborean can fulfill your needs as a partner in business as well as in the bedroom. The droid was created after a customer wanted a traveling companion that possessed the qualities of a protocol, litigation, medical, pleasure, and security droid all rolled into one. Made of the best materials available- this droid is top of the line and excels in everything it was equipped with from the factory.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Copyright Charles Carter all intellectual rights reserved- you have the right to use these in your game and reproduce copies of this work for your own personal use. You may not repost this to any other website than that authorized by the author. If you wish to post these on your website email me at the only website that has permission to currently host this design is
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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