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Lightsaber Combat (Revised)
         Control Difficulty: Moderate
         Sense Difficulty: Easy
                 This power may be kept "up."

         Effect: Jedi use this power to wield this elegant but difficult to control weapon while also sensing their opponents actions through the force.

         This power is can be called upon during a battle and remains "up" until the Jedi is stunned, wounded or worse; a Jedi who has been injured or stunned may attempt to bring the power back "up." The Jedi can activate either part of this power, or both as desired, each requires an action. So the Jedi can activate either part, and then activate the other later as she requires.

         If the Jedi is successful in using this power, she adds her sense dice to her lightsaber skill roll when attacking and parrying. The Jedi may add or subtract part or all of her control dice to the lightsaber damage; players must decide how many control dice they are adding or subtracting when the power is activated.

         A Jedi who fails when trying to activate lightsaber combat may only use the lightsaber skill for the duration of the combat.

         Finally, the Jedi may also use lightsaber combat to parry blaster bolts as a "reaction skill."

         The Jedi may also attempt to control where deflected blaster bolts go; this is a "reaction skill" and counts as an additional action. (The Jedi cannot full parry when trying to control deflected bolts.

         If the Jedi tries to control the blaster bolt, she makes a control roll; the difficulty is the range of the target (use the original weapon's ranges) or the targets dodge roll. The blaster bolts damage stays the same.

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