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Type: Industrial Automaton Binary Loadlifter
Dexterity: 1D
Knowledge: 1D
Mechanical: 1D
Perception: 1D
Strength: 8D
         Lifting 14D
Technical: 1D

Equipped with:
         Humanoid Body (two arms, two legs)
         One visual and one auditory sensors - human range
         Binary vocabulator
         Cargo Scoops

Move: 8
Size: 3.8 meters tall
Cost: 600

Description: The binary loadlifter is perhaps one of the most common droids in the galaxy, working quietly away in warehouses and docks moving the cargo and goods that make modern society continue. They are cheap enough to be common even on backwater worlds, and although they cannot speak in common, the language they speak is understood by all translator droids, and they understand common making them usable even when translator droids are not available. Their massive size and huge lifting capacity makes them somewhat superfluous on small freighters, but on bulk transports and capital ships they are often seen working tirelessly away, also they are common in docks where they may be available free, or at an hourly rate to unload transport vessels. Binary Loadlifters are simplistic droids which are incapable of developing anything but animal level intelligence or personalities, meaning that they rarely require memory wipes, adding to the low cost to owning and operating one of these droids, and they are so reliable that there are reports of Loadlifter which have operated without fault for decades between servicing or repair.

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