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Name: Muunilinst
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Plains and Cities
Length of Day: 31 Hours
Length of Year: 254 Days
Sapient Species: Muuns
Starport: Imperial
Population: 48 Billion
Planet Function: HomeWorld, Trade, Banking
Government: Intergalactic Banking Clan
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Loans, Banking, High Technology, Computers, Droids
Major Imports: High Technology, Foodstuffs


        One of the wealthiest worlds in the galaxy, Muunilinst was the home of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. The native Muuns turned the world into an immense center of commerce, despite its distance from the Galactic Core.

        Gleaming marble edifices dominated the stately cities of Muunilinst. Columns, capitals, volutes, acroteria, and entablatures can be found throughout the Muun architecture. These classical structures would become marred by warfare on rare but devastating occasions.

        Muunlinst became a battleground in the Clone Wars, as Republic forces sought to cut off the Banking Clan's supply of resources to the Confederacy. General Obi-Wan Kenobi led his clone army into the city of Harnaidan, where he found fierce resistance from droid armies led by the bounty hunter Durge. The Republic persevered, and Kenobi was able to capture the Banking Clan leader, San Hill.

        When the Empire came to power, Muunilinst became a key Imperial world. After the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor, and the loss of the Core worlds to the New Republic, Muunilinst became the financial heart of the shrinking Empire. Many Imperial officers nicknamed the planet "Moneylend." A pair of heavily armed Golan III defense platforms protected the world.

        During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the alien intruders attacked the Imperial Remnant. In a coordinated strike, the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed the forces guarding Muunilinst, and pelted its surface with a devastating orbital bombardment, reducing it to rubble.

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