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Choco (R2 Astromech)

Choco (R2 Astromech)
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Clone naval officer
Taylander shuttle

Taylander shuttle

Model: Cybot Galactica N1 Nightmare (Fifth Degree Droid)
Agility: 2d6
        Running- 4d6
        Dodge- 4d6
        Brawling- 4d6
        Brawling Parry- 4d6

Knowledge: 1d6
        Languages- 4d6

Mechanical: 1d6
        Sensors- 4d6

Perception: 3d6

Strength: 4d6
        Climbing/Jumping- 4d6
        Lifting- 4d6
        Stamina- 4d6
        Swimming- 4d6

Technical: 1d6

Equipped With:
        Four legs.
        Two Photoreceptors (Human Range)
        Auditory Sensors (Horse Range)
         Olfactory Sensors (Horse Range)
        Sensors +3D detecting movement or heat sources
        Internal Automap
        Internal Comlink
        Basic Holoprojector
        Four Sensor Shielded Vibroblades, one built into each hoof. (Strength +3D damage)
        Armored Chassis gives +2D+2 versus all attacks.
        Synthskin (Hide in this case)

        Move: 20, Legs
        Size: 16 Hands
        Cost: 15,000 Credits
        Availability: 1
        Personality Matrix: Complex

Description: The Cybot Galactica N1 Nightmare was designed as a companion and guardian droid for those explorers who wished to have a more natural means of transportation that didn't require constant feeding and care and also had the ability to converse with them. A man contacted Cybot Galactica in order to procure a custom designed horse droid and finding that such a market was open to them they created the N1 Nightmare with great success. It's rugged design and completely horse like exterior along with complex synthmuscle and synthskin makes the N1 Nightmare as close as possible to a real horse, while including all the benefits of a droid with a good sensors package and the ability to move fast.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Copyright Charles Carter all intellectual rights reserved- you have the right to use these in your game and reproduce copies of this work for your own personal use. You may not repost this to any other website than that authorized by the author. If you wish to post these on your website email me at the only website that has permission to currently host this design is
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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