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Type: Farming world
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Varies
Length of Day: 30 hours
Length of Year: 134 days
Species: Humans, Neimo(i)dians, Rodians, Gran, others...
Starport: Trivalbench, Suramanga, Tellaport and many others...
Population: 20,000,000 spread extensively
Function: Food supplier
Government: Corporate Administration (but really retired pirates)
Tech LeveL: Hyperspace
Exports: Meat, vegetables, broad variety of controlled substances
Imports: Minerals, starship components, arms
Star: Phardash A
System: Alephard
Source: Frank Voigt © 2005

        Back in a forgotten past, the Planet SaŠna (pronounced like Savanna, dropping the 'v') was a rocky wasteland. An unknown species set up hundred-meter-high atmosphere generator towers, that transformed the entire planet into a hospitable farming world. There is a wide variation of terrains, serving domesticated species from all over the galaxy as feedlot. The most important product is the meat of those animals followed by vegetables and spacer rations.

        The planet was widely ignored when the empire smashed the sector's pirate guild and became the residence of many senior pirates, that escaped the onslaught.

        The administrator of SaŠna and mayor of Trivalbench is Bo'ot Mandrill - a jovial corellian in his 50's wo used to be the system's most dangerous pirate. He rules SaŠna with an iron but invisible hand. Leaving the farmers in peace and caring mostly about the export of "his" goods to space stations and barren worlds. While these export make out 80% of the planet's income, its most important function is being the supplier of many pirates and smugglers, who use the "forgotten bantha sty" to refresh, refuel and reload. He wants to keep his place clean, so the imperial controls won't find a hair of illegal origin. For this end he will use every possible method up to - but not limited to - brute force.

        Trivalbench, while still a small settlement of not quite 30,000, holds an impressive black market and a wide variety of species. The second largest group after humans are Neimoidians, who ruled the planet before the pirates kicked them out in some sort of gang war. The rodians and other infamous and obnoxious races followed the call for bodyguards, bonebreakers and bounty hunters. No one remembers when the Gran came, but they probably followed the Neimodians, who needed workers to harvest the lush fields, cacti groves and coral reeves of their new investment. The city is located on a peninsula between a huge lake and SaŠna's unnamed western ocean. Most of the structures - here and elsewhere - are built from the only construction material, that the planet offers to anyone, who digs nine feet deep: An orange ore, that is a reminder of the planets barren past. Everything else must be imported for hard-earned credits.

        Outside the Trivalbench, the planet is a boring farming idyll with controlled climate and splendid green meadows, orange mountains and blue lakes and oceans, that are frozen at the poles and cover about two thirds of the planet. SaŠna has three continents, which are dominated by different types of farms depending on climate. The occasional thunderstorm and some deserts around the equator escape the environmental control. The most important one being a salt desert, able to suck the liquids out of an unprotected traveler. It's the only mineral-rich area of SaŠna. The temperate areas of SaŠna enjoy three seasons: Growth, Harvest and Slumber. The equator has very few fluctuations. The atmosphere generator towers are haunted places, that are cloaked in myth and wild vegetation. Ghost stories cling to the overgrown titans, that look so alien and ancient. Most of SaŠna's unpopulated and unclaimed wilderness can be found around the approximately 2000 towers, that are spread across the planet in a regular pattern, that includes oceans and mountain ranges.

        One last notable feature are SaŠna's moons:

        Splaedas - which races across the sky every four hours, just to vanish after half an hour again. It is among the fastest moons to orbit an inhabited world. It remains meaningless to the planet's ecology, because its low mass prevents it from becoming a gravity hazard.

        Chardas - another oddity considering SaŠna's lack of valuable metals. The outermost of its moons is basically a dense chunk of duranium ore, that threatened to crash into the planet a couple of times. When the Menotrop Mining Corporation began exploitation, they stabilized the orbit and ended the state of constant danger.

        Mirras and Manas - The two asteroid moons are very unexciting heaps of dirt and ice, that propably started their careers as meteors.

Orbital Bodies:

1) Phardashar rock 0
2) Suķma Swamp/Jungle/Volcanic 1
4) Alephard I Gas giant 33
5) Alephard II Gas Giant 17
6) Axaphar Gas Giant 13
7) Suýrath Ice waste 4

Gamemaster Notes:

        The atmosphere towers are used as hideout by smugglers and pirates, who use the ghost stories to scare off curious farmers. Some creepy stuff does go on in the depths of those towers, but its nature is up to GMs. Think of H.G. Giger stuff, overgrown with bushes and trees. The insides of the tower is a vast, cavern-like system of tunnels, filled with arcane machinery, that is defunct today and wildlife. Some of the towers' spaceports are operational again, but only because of the work, that smugglers invested into their hideout. The towers themself have nothing to do with the environmental control, although the average citizen might actually believe that. The actual environmental control is being done by swoops, which release chemicals to stimulate or inhibit rain. Bo'ot Mandrill can be anything you need him to be, from some kind of Lando to a brute villain, who secretly terrorizes the whole alephard system - maybe the whole sector. I think of Robert De Niro, when I play him.


        I created SaŠna as the homeport for a new batch of players, but I could imagine, that the planet fits into a wide array of roles. Be it as a background for some kind of mafia adventure, as a safe haven for a fugitive Jedi or as the villains' HQ. I hope you enjoy your stay! I placed the planet near the Corporate Sector somewhere "south" of Troiken and "west" of Toola. Yet it would work anywhere in the Outer Rim, Expansion Rim or Mid Rim. They key to its safety is its location far but not too far away from the regular trade lanes.

Page designed in Notepad, logos done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
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