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Name: Witan
Type: Giant Carnivorous Fish

Dexterity: 2D
Perception: 1D
Strength: 8D

Special Abilities
         Bite: Str+1D damage

Move: 24
Size: 35m long
Orneriness: 5D

Description: The Witan is often considered to be sea bourne version of the Rancor, even though neither species is related in any way. The huge carnivorous fish is common on a number of worlds, where it lives in the deepest sea depths, feeding on both schools of fish and larger swimming animals. Witan's are not known for their intelligence, and are extremely territorial, meaning that the submarine craft of intelligent species are often targetted by these creatures, making them extremely dangerous since their extreme strength and toughness makes them a match of speeder and even walker scale submarines. Witan's are luckily, however, very rarely seen near the surface of the sea, so are a recognisable and avoidable danger.

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