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Type: Serv-O-Droid JV-Z1/D Butler Droid
Dexterity: 1D
Knowledge: 1D
         Cultures 6D, Languages 3D, Cooking 5D
Mechanical: 1D
Perception: 1D
Strength: 1D
Technical: 1D

Equipped with:
         Humanoid Body (two arms, two legs, head)
         Visual sensor - Infra red
         Two auditory sensors - human range
         Vocabulator speach system

Move: 7
Size: 1.7 meters tall
Cost: 150 (used)

Description: The JV-Z1/D series of droid was built by Serv-O-Droid during the butler droid fad many centuries ago, and although the droid sold well, they have faded away with the years until only a very few of them remain. Butler droids are patient and subserviant, with genteel sounding voices and a database packed with details of customs and manners from across the galaxy, from exactly how to serve fruit from Kashyyk, to how to fold the Sulistan Ambassadors cloak, therefore managing to make 3-P0 droids look relaxed in comparision. Most owners like the idea of a Butler droid, but soon become bored with the minutiae that troubles it, and its lack of real skills, therefore putting the droids back on the market quickly and accounting for their extremely low price. The Droids were orignally covered with a veneer of polished silver chromite, but the years have rusted this away to scattered patches on most of the remaining JV-Z1/D's, leaving them looking shabby and barely functional.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text completely by FreddyB. Image is by LucasArts, copyright resides with them.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

Comments made about this Article!

08/Dec/2018 15:10:55 Posted by

Han Solo had one of these droids living at his quarters on Nar Shaddaa. He revealed to Han and Leia that Bobo Fett was still alive. In the firefight that followed, it was destroyed by him.

08/Dec/2018 15:51:21 Posted by Freddy

Oh yeah, I remember him. Had been there ages while Han was away fighting the Galactic Civil War.

Was it in one of the Dark Empire series? Or am I remembering it wrong.

10/Dec/2018 14:54:49 Posted by Clifton Barham

Yes, it was in the Dark Empire series.

10/Dec/2018 14:55:05 Posted by Clifton Barham

Yes, it was in the Dark Empire series.

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