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Earth Alliance Skylark 670

Earth Alliance Skylark 670
Kuat-Entralla Drive Yards First Order All Terrain Armored Transport

Kuat-Entralla Drive Yards First Order All Terrain Armored Transport

Romar Adell ( Human (Serennian) Survivor)

Romar Adell ( Human (Serennian) Survivor) (Hardware)

Chapter 1: Gear



Command helmet

This helmet is used by local police, bounty hunters and mercenaries all over the galaxy. The helmet has build in voice enhancer, air supply, hearing enhancer and personal comlink.

·         Command helmet

Model: Defence flex V09 command helmet

Type: Personal armour

Scale: Character

Cost: 400

Availability: 2

Game notes: +1D+1 physical, +2 energy (head). The voice enhancer can double the volume of the wearer’s voice, the hearing enhancer can double the hearing range of the wearer, and the air supply lasts for 1 hour.


Blast arm and leg guards

These arm and leg guards are, like the blast vest and the blast helmet, good for protection against physical attacks, but give little protection against blaster bolts.

·         Blast arm and leg guards

Model: Typical arm and leg guards

Type: Personal armour

Scale: Character

Cost: 100

Availability: 1

Game notes: +1D physical, +1 energy (arms and legs)


Blast shield

A blast shield is a large transparent shield made from plasteel or other hard material. They are mostly used by police force in riot controls, in the gladiator fights on Loovria and by alien races preferring close combat. The shield gives a fair protection but is rather unhandy.

·         Blast shield

Model: Typical blast shield

Type: Shield

Scale: Character

Cost: 50

Availability: 2

Game notes: Adds +1D when used to melee or brawling parry. The blast shield provides ½ cover for normal size characters.


Rigid blast vest

Reinforced version of the blast vest. The protective materials are a bit heavy to wear and rather unhandy.

·         Blast vest

Model: Rigid Blast Vest

Type: Personal armour

Scale: Character

Cost: 375

Availability: 1

Game notes: +1D+1 physical, +2 energy, -1 to all dexterity attribute, and skill checks.





RC-HC Powersuit

The RC-HC suit is among the most protective and deadly combat powersuits on the market. The empire is currently testing these suits in different environments (full-scale combat & Law enforcement). A trooper wearing this type of suit is practically immune to most handheld blasters, and posses a lethal arsenal of weapons. Needless to say, the RC-HC powersuit have been known to quell riots by their mere appearance.

·         RC-HC Powersuit

Model: Riot control & heavy combat powersuit

Type: Powersuit

Scale: Character

Skill: Powersuit operation: RC-HC

Cost: 12,000

Availability: 3, X.


  2x 2 Light repeating blasters (fire-linked)

Fire Arc: Front, left & right

Skill: Powersuit operation

Fire control: 1D

Range: 3-50/120/300

Damage: 6D+2

Ammo: 25

Game notes: +4D physical, +2D energy. Powersuit contains: Comlink, MFTA-system, +2D to perception in low-visibility situations, +2D to ranged weapon skill used against targets that move more than 10 meters per round. Air supply for 3 hours. Build-in macrobinoculars. Recording rod. Life form sensor pack (range: 300 meters).
















Aj^6 Cyborg unit

Aj^6 is a head shaped electronic device worn on the head, covering the back of the head from ear to ear. The device constantly analyses the activity in the brain of its user, and stimulates the brain functions, using energy waves and chemicals.

The device is making humming and beeping sounds as it displays the level of activity in the user’s brain sections. Every 30 days the device must have a new set of batteries and chemical doses, from the Biotech Company, to function.

·         Aj^6 Cyborg unit

Model: Biotech Aj^6 Cyborg unit

Type: Cyborg device

Cost: 600 (New batteries and chemical doses:75)

Availability: 2

Game notes: +1D to all knowledge attribute and skill checks.


Armour piercing ammo

Armour piercing ammo has a hard tip that can reduce a slugthrowers ineffectiveness against armour.

·         Armour piercing ammo

Model: Thundergear 02/Armor piercing ammo

Type: Slugthrower ammo

Cost: 50 (box of 40 bullets)

Availability: 2,R

Game notes: Armour piercing ammo adds +1 to damage when used on a target with body armour.


Blaster scope

The effectiveness of a blaster can sometimes be enhanced through an electronic targeting scope mounted on top, especially for long range targets. These devices provide computer-enhanced images as well as information on range and targeting.

·         Blaster scope

Model: NeuroSaav blaster scope

Type: Blaster scope

Cost: 350

Availability: 2

Game notes: If the user is in a ”sniper” type of position, requiring a steady resting spot and at least one round of preparation, the scope will provide a +3D bonus to all medium and long range shots.


Combat drugs

You often find drugs on the illegal market sold as ”combat drugs”, the quality and price of these drugs is very varied, and most of the times the person who sells the drugs know very little of them. The combat drug is supposed to enhances the attributes normally used in combat, but especially the cheap drugs are dangerous if not deadly to use.

Rumours on the black market say that the empire has been experimenting with these drugs, but most of it is sold to gangster bosses and their private armies. The B25 combat drugs are sold in small injectors, and takes effect immediately after use.

·         Combat drugs

Model: B25 Combat drug

Type: Drug

Cost: 75 per dose

Availability: 2, R

Game notes: This drug takes effect the round after use, and the user gets +1D to all Dexterity and Strength attribute and skill checks.

The drugs effect lasts for 2D rounds, but each round the effect lasts, the user will take 1D+1 damage as the drug ravage his system. After using this drug the user will receive a –1 penalty to all attributes and skills, for one week.


Combat goggles

Combat goggles are a pair of goggles used by military persons, throughout the galaxy, to protect the eyes from dirt and dust.

Model: Typical combat goggles

Type: Combat goggles

Cost: 20

Availability: 1



Gas detection device

Gas detection devices come in many shapes and forms, but the purpose of the device is always the same: to warn the user of dangerous gasses. This device is used by miners, soldiers and everybody else who wants to be informed about incoming gas, and normally it is a matchbox sized box carried in the belt. When the device detects gases that are harmful to the user, it starts making a loud beeping sound, until the user turns it off, or the gas disappears.

·         Gas detection device

Model: Typical gas detection device

Type: Detection device

Cost: 30

Availability: 2


Haste drugs

Haste drugs are another illegal type of drugs found on the black market. The drug stimulates the nerve system, enhancing the user’s reflexes.

The haste drug is sold in small injectors, and takes effect immediately after use.

The drug is harmful, and the body will need time to recover.

·         Haste drugs

Model: Typical haste drug

Type: Drug

Cost: 30 per dose

Availability: 2, F

Game notes: This drug takes effect the round after use, and lasts for 4D rounds, but each round the effect lasts, the user will take 1D damage as the drug ravage his system. The user will receive a +1D bonus when rolling initiative as long as the drug have effect, but suffer a -1D penalty on all perception attribute and skill checks, for the next 24 hours, after the drug have lost it’s effect.


Holographic projector

Holographic projector capable of storing and projecting holographic images and films.

·         Holographic projector

Model: Typical holographic projector

Type: Holographic projector

Cost: 75

Availability: 1


Laser Sight

Laser sight creates a small red dot in front of the weapons barrel that helps targeting.

·         Laser Sight

Model: Typical laser sight

Type: Laser sight

Cost: 20

Availability: 1

Game notes: Add +2 to the weapon skill, when firing at targets within 30 meters.


Medical scanner

Medical Scanners are small portable medical computers with a small scanner to detect signs of injury or illness. The unit also has a small monitor that displays the computer's recommendations. The Medical Scanner can scan targets up to two meters away from the unit. The Medical Scanner holds sufficient data on most of the more common species in the Galaxy.

·         Medical scanner

Model: ICSTechnologies Medi Scan
Type: Medi Scanner
Skill: Sensors
Difficulty: Moderate
Availability: 1
Cost: 3,000 Credits
Effect: On a successful roll add +1D to First Aid, Medicine & related skill checks.

Night vision goggles

A pair of night vision goggles makes it possible to see in all but complete darkness. The danger of wearing night vision goggles is that the wearer will become blinded by sudden light sources. Night vision goggles come in a variety of types and forms. The goggles will not work in complete darkness.

·         Night vision goggles

Model: Typical night vision goggles

Type: Goggles

Cost: 300

Availability: 2

Game notes: While wearing the goggles all modifiers for poor light is halved. A sudden intense light source (like blaster fire) will blind the wearer for 1D rounds.


Pulse reader

A pulse reader is a device you put on the wrist. The pulse reader constantly ”reads” the wearers pulse. A pulse reader comes in two versions: a demolition pulse reader and a comlink pulse reader. The demolition version can be attacked to any form of explosive, including grenades, and if wearers pulse stops the explosive will be armed.

The comlink pulse reader contains a small comlink, and if the wearers pulse stops the comlink will send out a beeping sound on any pre-set frequency. The comlinks range is 50 km.

·         Pulse reader

Model: Safeguard Pulse reader

Type: Pulse reader

Cost: 50

Availability: 2,X / 2 (demolition/comlink)


Security bracelet

Security bracelet is a bracelet worn mostly by law enforcers, although it is possible to buy it in larger cities. The bracelet comes with a small security device containing a little radio signal transceiver, which should be placed within a blaster or other handgun. The bracelet sends out radio signals in an area of about 1 meter, and the trigger of the handgun can only be pulled if the security device in the weapon receives this signal.

Removing the bracelet from the arm is only possible after pushing its four symbol buttons in the right order.

·         Security bracelet

Model: Verpine inc.Securety bracelet

Type: Security bracelet

Cost: 25

Availability: 2

Game notes: The security device requires a moderate technical roll to install, and remove from a weapon.



A silencer is a device constructed to reduce the noise from slugthrowers. The advantage of slugthrowers is that they can be silenced, blasters cannot.

·         Silencer

Model: Thundergear 01/Silencer

Type: Slugthrower silencer

Cost: 250

Availability: 2,R



The typical toolbox sold throughout the galaxy comes with the most common tools. Each toolbox contains tools to repair either droids, equipment & weapons, security devices, starships, speeders & swoops or walkers.

·         Toolbox

Model: Typical toolbox

Type: Toolbox

Skill: Various repair skills

Cost: 150

Availability: 1



The translator is handy whenever you deal with aliens that either can’t or won’t speak basic. The translator comes with two languages, but more can be added.

·         Translator

Model: TranLang communications device

Type: Typical translator

Skill: Technical: Translators (Very easy)

Cost: 250 (Each additional language: 50)

Availability: 2


Utility belt

In wild areas where it is important to bring survival gear, a utility belt will be handy. The utility belt contains compass, a small knife, a fire starting device, protective goggles and nutritious compact food for two days.

·         Utility belt

Model: Typical utility belt

Type: Belt

Cost: 30

Availability: 1




Ascension gun

A Naboo security S-5 blaster carried by members of the royal security forces. A small grappling hook can be attached to the pistol, converting it into an ascension gun. The hook’s claws embed into almost any surface, and when the pistols build-in cable retracts, the blaster is capable of hoisting up to 100 kilo. In addition, the security blaster can fire blaster bolts and anaesthetic microdarts. A few of these weapons have been stolen from Naboo and can be found on the black market.

  • Ascension gun

Model: Security S-5 blaster

Type: Blaster pistol

Skill: Blaster: blaster pistol / Missile weapons: ascension gun

Ammo: 25 (blaster bolts) / 6 (darts)

Cost: 800 (power packs: 25)

Availability: 3, F, R or X

Fire Rate: 1

Range: 3-10/30/120 (blaster), 1-2/3-5/20 (cable), 2-3/4-5/12 (darts)

Damage: 4D (blaster)

Game notes: The darts damage varies by the anaesthetic or toxin used; normally 2D-6D stun or normal damage.




A bayonet can be placed on the end of most ranged weapons making them efficient in close combat.

  • Bayonet

Model: Typical bayonet

Type: Melee weapon

Scale: Character

Skill: Melee combat: Bayonet

Cost: 30

Availability: 1

Difficulty: Easy

Damage: STR+1D+1


Brass knuckles

The typical Brass knuckles are common among thugs all over the galaxy.

  • Brass knuckles

Model: Typical brass knuckles

Type: Brawling weapon

Scale: Character

Skill: Brawling

Cost: 5

Availability: 1, R

Damage: STR +1


Detonite block

A detonite block is a small, 4 by 4 centimetre, block made by explosive material. A detonite block will explode if exposed to intense heat, or an electrical impulse.

  • Detonite block

Model: Detonite block

Type: Explosive

Scale: Character

Skill: Demolitions

Cost: 150

Availability: 2, R

Blast radius: 0-2/4/6/10

Damage: 2D/1D+2/1D+1/1D

Game notes: Additional detonite blocks, exploding at same time and place, add up the damage.


Devastator blaster rifle

The devastator blaster rifle was first produced to meet the need for heavy firepower at close range. The weapon has been sold to local governments throughout the galaxy, but piracy and the black market have made the rifle more common among smugglers and other criminals. The rifle has increased fire rate at expense of precision and ammo.

·         Devastator blaster rifle

Model: Thundergear 09/Devastor blaster rifle

Type: Blaster rifle

Scale: Character

Skill: Blaster: blaster rifle

Ammo: 30

Cost: 1,750 (power packs: 25)

Availability: 2,X

Range: 3-7/25/50

Damage: 5D

Game notes: At medium/long range, difficulty is increased by +5/+10. Firing the rifle twice, only counts as one action.


Grenade launcher

Grenade launchers can be found in many shapes and forms all over the galaxy, but the principle is universal. The grenade launcher can hurl any fist-sized grenade over great distances, but grenades the size of a themonal detonator, is just too big to fit into the barrel.

  • Typical Grenade launcher

Model: Typical grenade launcher

Type: Grenade launcher

Scale: Character

Skill: Missile weapons: Grenade launcher

Ammo: 1

Cost: 1,100

Availability: 2, R or X

Fire Rate: 1

Range: 3-25/50/250

Damage: Grenade

Game notes: Being hit directly by a grenade at short or medium range, may cause 3D physical damage. If an attack does not hit, normal grenade deviation rules apply.


Heavy repeating slugthrower

The heavy repeating slugthrower is an extremely heavy and fast firing repeating slugthrower. The size and weight of the weapon makes it very difficult to use unless you possesses extreme strength (at least 3D+2), and even then you could have problems. The rifle suffers from all the disadvantages of projectile weapons: ineffectiveness against modern armour, no stun effect and a tendency to run out of ammo quickly.

  • Heavy repeating slugthrower

Model: Heavy repeating slugthrower

Type: Slugthrower rifle

Scale: Character

Skill: Firearms: Slugthrower rifle

Ammo: Belt

Cost: 1,700 (bullets: 0,5 credit each)

Availability: 2 or 3, X

Range: 3-12/35/70

Damage: 3D (-1D when used on targets with body armour)

Game notes: When using the rifle roll 2D twice (without wild die) and subtract the highest result from the remaining ammo. If you have hit your target, the lowest result is the number of times the target is hit, and each hit must be worked out separately. If you roll double one (1,1) on any of the 2D the rifle jams and will not fire until fixed with one round of work, and a moderate technical roll.

Heavy slugthrower

The heavier version of the slugthrower pistol is still used in primitive cultures and among those favouring the slugthrower, because it can be silenced. The weapon run out of ammo quickly and does not posses the range of a blaster.

  • Heavy slugthrower

Model: Khaa industries dragon slugthrower

Type: Slugthrower

Scale: Character

Skill: Firearms: Slugthrower pistols

Ammo: 8

Cost: 375 (bullets: 1 credit each)

Availability: 2, F or R

Fire Rate: 2

Range: 3-10/30/60

Damage: 3D+2

Game notes: -1D when used on a target with body armour.


Knockout gas

Knockout gas is normally bought is metal cylinders of about 30 centimetres length, with a small hole in both ends. When both ends of the cylinder are pulled, it will become a few centimetres longer, revealing a red light, witch shows that it have been activated. A few seconds later (one round), the knockout gas will be sprayed out through the holes in the cylinder. It is possible to avoid the effect of the gas by holding your breath, or using an alternative air supply.

  • Knockout gas

Model: Knockout gas grenade

Type: Gas grenade

Scale: Character

Skill: Grenade

Cost: 200 (power packs: 25)

Availability: 2, R

Range: 3-7/7/12

Blast radius: 0-15

Game notes: All creatures breathing in the blast radius of the grenade, suffers 3D stun damage  each round. The gas will loose its effect after 1D rounds (wind may reduce the number of rounds).


Light repeating slugthrower rifle

The light repeating slugthrower rifle is a fast shooting assault rifle still found in primitive cultures. The rifle suffers from all the disadvantages of projectile weapons: ineffectiveness against modern armour, no stun effect and a tendency to run out of ammo quickly. The high fire rate does make the rifle a good choice when fighting soft unarmored targets, and it increase the chance of hitting your foe despite the extra recoil .

·         Light repeating slugthrower rifle

Model: Light repeating slugthrower rifle

Type: Slugthrower rifle

Scale: Character

Skill: Firearms: Slugthrower rifle

Ammo: 30

Cost: 600 (bullets: 0,5 credit each)

Availability: 2, X

Range: 3-12/35/70

Damage: 3D (-1D when used on targets with body armour)

Game notes: When using the rifle roll 2D (without wild die) and subtract the highest dice from the remaining ammo. If you have hit your target, the lowest dice is the number of times the target is hit, and each hit must be worked out separately. If you roll double one (1,1) on the 2D the rifle jams and will not fire until fixed with one round of work, and a moderate technical roll.


Marksman blaster pistol

The Marksman blaster pistol is a more precise, but less deadly, version of the standard blaster pistol. With its long range it is good for those “lucky” shots.

  • Marksman blaster pistol

Model: Marksman blaster pistol

Type: Blaster

Scale: Character

Skill: Blaster: Blaster pistol

Ammo: 100

Cost: 600 (power packs: 25)

Availability: 2, F, R or X

Range: 3-15/35/125

Damage: 3D+2


Rocket rifle

This heavy rifle is used by military troops to take out big targets, or clear rooms of enemy presence. The rifle fires high explosive rockets, witch detonates on impact. The rifle is, of course, illegal in most systems, so the black market price will often be quite high. All in all, the rifle provides awesome firepower, for those who can afford it!

  • Rocket rifle

Model: 1.2 Rocket support rifle

Type: Rocket rifle

Scale: Character

Skill: Missile weapons: Rocket rifle

Ammo: 6

Cost: 1,300 (Rockets: 300 each)

Availability: 2,X

Fire Rate: 1

Range: 3-25/50/125

Blast radius: 0-2/4/6/10

Damage:  5D/4D/3D/2D


Scrambler grenade

Scrambler grenades emit an incredibly powerful burst of electro-magnetic interference which scrambles delicate circuits and overload instruments. The effect is usually spectacular: circuitry explodes with showers of sparks, cabling burn and electronics melt. The scrambler grenade is very expensive to make, and its devastating power makes it a feared terrorist weapon, and therefore it is illegal in many systems.

  • Scrambler grenade

Model: 1.3 Scrambler grenade

Type: Grenade

Scale: Character

Skill: Grenade

Cost: 1000

Availability: 2, R

Range: 3-4/7/12

Blast radius: 0-2/4/6/10

Damage: 4D/3D/2D/1D

Game notes: The damage done by this grenade is only scrambling damage and will only hurt droids and electronic equipment. Droids just treat the damage as normal damage, but the scrambling damage ignores any armour. All other types of electronics have a strength roll of 2D. If the scrambling damage roll is higher than the electronics strength roll, the electronics will not work until repaired at a moderate difficulty, and a repair price of 25% of the original price.


Smoke grenade

A smoke grenade is easy to acquire, and a great tool during any retreats.

  • Smoke grenade

Model: Typical smoke grenade

Type: Grenade

Scale: Character

Skill: Grenade

Cost: 150

Availability: 1, F

Range: 3-4/7/12

Damage: Very thick smoke/Thick smoke/Light smoke

Blast Radius: 0-2/4/10

Game notes: The smoke reduces visibility, and modifies difficulty numbers in ranged combat (Very thick smoke +4D, thick smoke +2D, light smoke +1D).


Sniper rifle is known for its precise weapons, and the sniper rifle is no exception. Build for extreme range ”one shot kills”, the rifle lacks the speed needed for combat in close quarters.

  • Drewland sniper rifle

Model: Drewland ”long range” sniper rifle

Type: Sniper rifle

Scale: Character

Skill: Blaster: blaster rifle

Ammo: 15

Cost: 1,800 (power packs: 25)

Availability: 2,X

Fire Rate: 1/2

Range: 3-40/175/400

Damage: 6D

Game notes: The sniper comes with a blaster scope with following effect: If the user is in a ”sniper” type of position, requiring a steady resting spot and at least one round of preparation, the scope will provide a +3D bonus to all medium and long range shots.


Stun rod

A rod capable of generating a potent electrical charge. At its minimum setting the shock is simply painful, but more powerful charges can stun the victim. The rod is used by many security organisations to stop intruders without causing permanent damage, or frightening off dangerous animals.

·         Stun rod

Model: Typical stun rod

Type: Melee weapon

Scale: Character

Skill: Melee combat: Stun rod

Ammo: 50

Cost: 225 (power packs: 25)

Availability: 2, F

Difficulty: Easy

Damage: 1D, 2D, 3D or 4D (stun damage)

Game notes: When the Stun rod hits it uses ammo equal to the number of damage dices.


Page Layout designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text by Benjamin Lamberth. Images are by unknown, no claim on copyright is attempted, it resides with the various artists.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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