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Tunqstoid Protective Boot

Tunqstoid Protective Boot


        When characters are in a situation where they are surprised (eg if they are ambushed, failed to notice attackers sneaking up on them, or are otherwise unaware they are in danger) they must make a Perception roll against a Moderate target number.

        If they fail this roll then they are completely taken by surprise and unable to act for one complete round.

        If they make the roll exactly correct then they are only able to dodge or parry this round at a three dice penalty, declaring the actions devoted to these as normal.

        If they succeed by five or less, then they can act normally but at a two dice penalty to all actions.

        If they succeed by more than five points but by ten or less, then they may act normally but incur a one dice penalty to all actions.

        Success by more than ten points allows the character to act normally without any special penalties.

        While these penalties may seem a little high, it must be noted that for the situation to require a surprise roll they characters must have already failed to notice attackers or to be in a situation where they normally would not get to act (eg being shot at by a sniper with a silenced weapon).

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