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        I was recently looking through the "Starships of the Galaxy" sourcebook for Star Wars by Wizards of the Coast, and noticed that the Queens Starship out of The Phantom Menace was listed as being built by Theed Palace Spaceworks. Which is something that I`ve seen on fan created versions as well, and deciding to check up on this, I went to the official Star Wars site and had a look at the entry for the Queens Starship.

        The entry for the queens ship says that the ship was custom built by the Theed Palace Spaceworks from parts supplied by the shipyards of the planet Nubia.

        Now, although this is an "official" source, I personally do not believe this to be the case. What I think is the "truth" of the situation is that the government of Naboo purchased the vessel from Nubia then upgraded it.

        I offer the following as evidence.

        The only time in The Phantom Menace that there is any dialogue to identify the manufacturer or design of the Queens Starship, is when Qui-Gon Jinn offers the ship to Watto as part payment for the bet on the pod race. To which Watto replies.

        "Ahhh, Nubian J-Type, very good." (just quoting from memory).

        From this statement, we can guess that Watto recognises the ship as a particular make and model. The only other explanation is that Watto knew the type of ship that the Hyperdrive Qui-Gon was looking for, but this seems to be stretching a little.

        If Watto did recognise the make and model of the ship, then its most probable that the Queens ship is actually of a fairly common model of ship (or Watto wouldn`t have recognised it). If the ship could have been recognised as being specifically Queen Amidala`s, then I don`t believe that he would have shown it to Watto, after all he had said before that the reason that visiting the Hutt controlled world was safe because.

        "the Hutts aren`t looking for us"

        Insinuating that the Hutts would be interested in them if they knew that they were on Tatooine, which leads me to believe that he wouldn`t do anything which might reveal their existance to the Hutts.

        I know this isn`t exactly firm proof, but its my belief, and good enough for me to put Nubian Ships on this site :-)

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