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Campaign History

All dates are based from Star Wars IV A New Hope

-25000, The hyper-drive is invented and comes into use. Xim the Despot rules over a vast region of space before being overthrown by the group led by Kossak the Hutt. The Old Republic, which is the first galaxy-wide government, is formed. The Order of Jedi Knights begins, presumably on the planets Ossus or Coruscant. It is a period of galactic peace and expansion of the Republic.

-20000, A schism develops between the Sith and the Jedi, both of which had previously been joint defenders of the galaxy. This leads to the Jedi forcing the Sith to flee into unknown space, eventually settling on the world of Korriban. No hyperspace charts exist for a return journey because of the primitive levels of navigation systems used.

-19999, The original inhabitants of Korriban the Massassi begin to learn from the Sith, and also the Massassi priests begin to teach the Sith the dark side sorceries they know. The combination of the two form the Sith Alchemy and Dark Side Magic's that the Sith become so famous for in later years. The Sith and the Massassi begin to interbreed as well, leading to the species becoming virtually one. The combined species retain a two tier class system, those with force potential being the Sith, and therefore the leaders of their society, the others are the Massassi and the workers and slaves.

-15000, The "Mandalore", a colony ship departs from Coruscant, to colonise a new world; a hyperspace misjump causes them to crash in an unexplored system. The years following are difficult but the Mandalore survive the harsh conditions of their new home. They develop a deep hatred for the Republic who they feel abandoned them.

-14000, The Mandalorian people are contacted by the Juannar, a species living on another world within the same solar system, after difficult beginnings, the Mandalore and the Juannar form an alliance that remains steady to this day.

-12000, The Mandalorian system is attacked by a species called the Vuana, they destroy all of the Mandalore settlements within the system apart from their homeworld before they are beaten off.

-9000, The Mandalorians after much rebuilding and a long and protracted war finally succeed in locating the Vuana home system, they bomb the planet, and destroy the Vuana species down to its last member.

-7000, The expanding Mandalorian Empire comes into contact with the Republic, leading to a series of skirmishes and outright wars over the following millennia.

-6000, The Jedi Research Centre, a place of developing new technologies to aid the Jedi and to help fight Dark Siders, is formed on the world of Ighleigh. It exists for only a few years before its supply vessel "The Sword of the Jedi" goes missing, no follow up mission is sent to its location and the Jedi and Scientists are forced to survive to the best of their abilities.

-5000, Two young astrogators Jori and Gav Daragon fleeing an attack make a blind hyperspace jump, emerging above Korriban.

-4999, Dark Lord of the Sith, Naga Sadow, takes control of the Sith Empire and leads the majority of its forces in an attack on the Republic using the hyperspace co-ordinates provided by the navicomp of the Daragon`s ship. This attack is defeated at the Princess Teta system, and the remnants of the Sith fleet retreats. On their arrival home they find that Naga Sadows rule has been ended in his absence and the fleet is attacked by the fleets of the rival Dark Lords.

-4998, Naga Sadow leads his fleet to the fourth moon of Yavin, they bury their ships and build massive temples and statues praising Naga Sadow. Meanwhile the Jedi form a place of teaching and knowledge on the world of Ossus.

-4997, The Sith in a weakened state after their in fighting and fearing reprisals from the Jedi, abandon Korriban, which is dying anyway from the massive concentration of Dark Side energies. The settle on other worlds and begin the formation of a new Sith Empire, but do not come into contact with the Republic for many millennia.

-4500, The Mandalorian Empire begins a training raiding teams to use against the Republic, these teams are trained equipped and then let free to raid and destroy through the Republic, they eat and supply themselves from whatever they capture, sewing fear throughout the Republic. Many of these raiding teams are only stopped by direct action by the Jedi Knights.

-4400, Freedon Nadd, a young Jedi Knight turned to the evil ways of the Sith, comes to power on Onderon.

-4350, The Beast Wars of Onderon begin.

-4002, Republic explorers make contact with Onderon.

-4000, Jedi Knight Ulic Quel Droma, travels to the Onderon system, where he joins the fight against a cult of Dark Siders who have been formed by the long dead Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd. This cult is defeated even after the royal family of Onderon is discovered to be part of it, but not before the spirit of Freedon Nadd corrupts a young Jedi, Exar Kun, turning him to the Dark Side.

-3995, Exar Kun travels to Corriban and becomes a Dark Lord, when he returns to the world of Ossus he kills his master and steals a Dark Side Holocron. He later uses the holocron to infect a number of Jedi Students and turn them to the dark side, he makes the Massassi temples on Yavin 4 his base of operations learning Sith Alchemy from the ships buried there. Once he has mastered the dark side he uses it to control the descendants of the Massassi that still live on the jungle moon.

-3993, A Dark Side Cult calling itself the Krath arises in the Princess Teta system and seizes control of the entire systems government, the loss of this highly industrial system is so serious that the Jedi hold a war council meeting on the world of Deneba. This meeting turns into a massacre as the Krath drop wardroids from orbit, before they are destroyed many Jedi Knights, Apprentices and Masters are killed in the fighting.

-3992, Ulic Quel Droma travels to the Princess Teta system to fight the Krath on their home ground, but using the Sith Alchemy they have learnt from Freedon Nadd they cause him to be consumed by rage and he turns to the dark side. He meets with Exar Kun, and the spirits of the past Dark Lords of the Sith select them both to be Dark Lords. Ulic Quel Droma then bests the head of a Mandalore raiding group in personal combat; this group then serves him as his personal army.

-3991, The Great Sith War occurs, during which the world of Ossus is hit by a solar flare caused by Exar Kun destroying all life on its surface. After he kills his brother in combat Ulic Quel Droma is cut off from the force by a Jedi Knight called Nomi Sunrider, in an attempt to make up for his actions he leads the massed ranks of the Jedi against Exar Kuns base on Yavin four. Exar Kun attempts to ensure his survival by drawing the life force out of all of the Massassi on Yavin four, killing them all. The Jedi Fleet arrives in orbit to discover the world burning as a result of this sorcery.

-3500, A comet strikes the planet of Io`sun, causing major atmospheric damage to the homeworld of the Juannar. As efforts and costs increased as the Mandalorians aided their allies, the formation of independent raiding teams was cut back, and never increased again.

-1000, The final of many minor wars is fought; these wars have stretched through the preceding 3000 years. The wars were fought between the Jedi and groups of Dark Siders, usually using knowledge learnt from the Sith ruins on Korriban. As this group of Sith are defeated on the world of Ruusan, one of their leaders a Dark Lord named Darth Bane, decides that the infighting between the Sith is the main reason that they are always defeated. He forges a new line of Sith, of which there are always only two.

-50 The expanding borders of the Sith and Mandalorian Empires meet, leading to the beginning of a great war between the two sides. Although the Mandalorians have a much greater level of technology the sheer size of the Sith empire, combined with the amount of force users leads to a stalemate which is costly to both sides as they continue to fight.

-40, The "Ossus Ascendant" leaves Coruscant, a long-range exploration ship crewed by Jedi, it is reported destroyed when it never returns.

-35 Palpatine, who later becomes Darth Sidious, then the Emperor, begins studying the Dark Side of the Force secretly, with the help of an unknown Dark Jedi Master.

-30, Star Wars I, The Phantom Menace. The latest of the Sith line started by Darth Bane, Senator Palpatine (Darth Sidious), becomes the ruler of the Republic, although his apprentice Darth Maul dies at the hands of Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi.

-20, Star Wars II + III. Darth Sidious after losing another apprentice (Darth Terranus) during the Clone Wars, turns Obi Wan Kenobi`s own apprentice to the Dark Side, this apprentice takes the name Darth Vader. Obi Wan Kenobi smuggles the children of Darth Vader away, knowing that they will become powerful in the force. Purges are held and the Jedi Knights are wiped out by Darth Sidious and Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi retreats to Tatooine and Jedi Master Yoda retreats to Dagobah. Vader's children are left with different parents for their own protection, one is left with Vader`s step-brother on Tatooine, the other with the royal family of Alderaan.

-10, Darth Sidious in his role as Palpatine declares himself Emperor, abolishes the galactic senate, and forges the Republic into the Galactic Empire, citing piracy and Mandalorian raids, he increases spending on the military creating an armada of mighty military vessels. In opposition to this the Rebellion or "Alliance for the reformation of the Republic" is formed.

0, Star Wars IV A New Hope. The Galactic Empire's latest weapon The Death Star is activated around the world of Despayre, after destroying the worlds of Despayre and Alderaan it is boarded by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi. Luke a trainee Jedi taught by Kenobi, successfully rescues Princess Leia an Alderanian diplomat who also serves with the Rebel Alliance. After escaping at the expense of Kenobi`s life they return to the rebel base in the Massassi temples on Yavin 4, and prepare an attack using captured plans of the imperial battle station. Luke Skywalker aids in the attack and fires the shot that destroys the Death Star.

+4, Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back. Obi Wan Kenobi`s spirit sustained by the force communicates with Luke Skywalker on the ice world of Hoth, telling him to go to the world of Dagobah where he will be taught the Jedi way by Yoda. The Empire attacks the rebel base on Hoth causing the rebels to flee, Luke travels to Dagobah and receives training from Yoda, but Han Solo and Princess Leia are forced to the gas giant world of Bespin, where they are captured by the Empire. Luke Skywalker rescues them but confronts Darth Vader discovering that he is Vader's son. Luke himself requires rescuing after he loses the fight with Vader and his hand along with it.

+5, Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi. Luke Skywalker returns to Dagobah to complete his training only to discover that it is complete. He also discovers that Leia is his twin sister, who he rejoins above Sullust after Yoda dies. A second Death Star is being built by the Empire, and the rebels are gathering to attack it, Luke joins the attack on the shield generator protecting the incomplete battle station from the forest moon of Endor. Fearing his presence may betray the rebels; he allows himself to be captured after he informs Leia that she is his sister and that Vader is their father. Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader attempt to turn Skywalker to the Dark Side aboard the Death Star 2 as the rebel fleet attacks. The Emperor almost succeeds in getting Luke to kill his father in anger, but Luke is the one who is ultimately triumphant as he succeed in returning his father to the light side who then slays the Emperor although he dies after this is done. As Luke flees the Death Star with his father's body, the rebel fleet succeeds in destroying the Death Star and ends Palpatines rule decisively. Within days the foundation is lain for the New Republic, but although the war against the Empire is won, not all of the fighting is over.

+6 Although shattered by the death of the Emperor, the Empire still fights on, fragmented by in-fighting amongst its higher ranks, a number of "pocket" Empires spring up. The New Republic takes advantage of this fragmentation and puts its forces against the smaller Empires first to consolidate its own hold on the galaxy, but progress slows then eventually grinds to a halt leaving the Empire at a third of its previous size.

+7 Coruscant becomes the capitol of the New Republic.

+8 The "Ossus Ascendant" returns to Coruscant, its Jedi Pilot dies from wounds shortly after it arrives, his only words bear warning to "a new golden age". Luke Skywalker and General Crix Madine research this warning and find references to the Sith Empire, they start research into the Sith and begin reactivating rebel units from the Galactic Civil War.

+9 The Sith make their first attack on the New Republic, totally destroying the planet of Teta 4, in the Princess Teta system using a huge Mass Driver aboard their super cruiser the "Scythe". They make a second attack directly at Coruscant, and after a short and brutal battle they destroy the planet killing billions and sending terror throughout the Republic. An alliance is formed between the New Republic and the Mandalorian Empire for the duration of the war against the Sith.

+10 "The Sword of the Jedi" is discovered in deep space, and a Jedi Knight is found in a Stasis chamber aboard it, this leads to the rediscovery of the Jedi Research Centre and the force using descendants of the researchers. A Jedi Master also is discovered on the surface, but the site is endangered with the construction of a Sith refuelling station in planets orbit. Republic Intelligence decodes a Sith message that reveals that the Scythe will be refuelling in the Ighleigh system, so this opportunity is taken advantage of and a team is sent aboard to disable the Scythe's mighty shields. This succeeds and while the shields are down a Republic fleet attacks and destroys the Scythe. The Sith Empire forms an alliance with the remnants of the Galactic Empire, forming the Greater Sith Empire.

Page designed in Notepad, logos done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text completely by FreddyB.
Images stolen from various web page I`ve now forgotten where (Copyright resides with The Artist).
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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