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Star Wars

The New Republic

Sith Uprising

Major Non Player Characters

         This area covers not only the NPC`s from my campaign, but what has happened to major characters from both the films and novels since my campaign has gone on a tangent from the "official" timeline.

         To differentiate between where characters are from, they are marked (m) if they are from the movies, (n) for the Novels and (su) if they are from my Sith Uprising campaign.

The Greater Sith Empire

The D`Kara (su)

         The D`Kara is the emperor of the Sith Empire, he was a Dark Lord of the Sith five thousand years ago called Ludo Kressh. He deposed Naga Sadow from leading the Sith, and led the retreat from Korriban to avoid an attack by the Republic and the Jedi. After the retreat he organised the Sith in their new home, as he aged and felt his grip on the empire begin to wane he began to use Sith Alchemy to extend his life and powers. This has now become almost perfected, with a new branch of Sith Sorcery being created, Sith Necromancy now specialises in life extension and the perpetuation of spirits after death. With five thousand years of experience, the D`Kara has levels of mastery unknown to anyone else, having learnt almost all of the Sith schools of Sorcery.

The Dark Lords of the Sith (m+n+su)

         Long ago there was always a single Dark Lord of the Sith who would lead the Sith, after their death they would leave a clear line of succession. But the Sith have fragmented over the years and the various traditions have different rules. The Sith line started by Darth Bane that led to Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader had a rule of always only two Sith at one time, depending on their power either one or both would be Dark Lords. However the Sith Empire that had moved to Korras, were without a Dark Lord when Ludo Kressh Declared himself D`Kara and Emperor. This ended when the spirits of the former Dark Lords manifested and chose eight Sith and declared them to be Dark Lords. These were chosen for their power and skill, a tradition that has been followed ever since, with quantities of Dark Lords varying over time. The number of Dark Lords never dropped below five, and even grew to fifteen at one point, but at the current time sits at seven having been reduced with the death of a Dark Lord when the Scythe was destroyed.

Priax Salvantra (su)

         Priax Salvantra is a Sith who grew bored of the ordinary life of a Sith within the Sith Empire, he felt that just enforcing the Sith rule over their subject races would have little to offer in excitement for him. So he left to explore the galaxy, after years of this he was contacted by the spirit of a Dark Lord of the Sith who informed him that his knowledge of the galaxy and of the Republic in particular could help the Sith Empire. He was offered a deal, if he was to return to the Sith and help destroy the few remaining Jedi then he would become a Dark Lord. Working along with his Sith superiors he has helped in a number of their operations, helping to interrogate a New Republic Intelligence General and was sent to capture and interrogate a New Republic Jedi agent. Most recently he was involved in the capture of the Mandalorian planet killer "The Silver Castle", but went onto other duties as soon as its capture was complete.

Mara Jade (n)

         Mara Jade was a force using servant of Emperor Palpatine, she was the best of the agents know as the Emperors Hands. Her last mission for the Emperor was to kill Luke Skywalker, to do this she was sent to the palace of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, but he managed to avoid her and escape. Shortly after this she felt the death of the Emperor, and as a highly secret agent of Palpatine she had no support from the remnants of the Empire, so she entered the fringe. The fringe supported her well, and she worked with a number of different groups, doing everything from smuggling to piracy. When the Sith returned she, like many in the Empire were drawn to them in the same way they were originally drawn to the Emperor. Approaching the Sith she found herself welcomed back into the fold, the Sith have taken up her training, and given her more responsibility than the Emperor ever did, The Sith have completed her journey to the Dark Side, and now she truly is one of their own.

Captain Gilad Pallaeon (n)

         Captain Pallaeon is a loyal officer of the Galactic Empire; he took control of the Imperial fleet after the loss of the Executor and the Death Star at the Battle of Endor. As the battle turned in the Rebellions favour he ordered the fleet into retreat to save as many ships as possible. Although he held a great deal of power amongst the remnants of the Empire, Pallaeon didn't give himself a promotion like many of the imperial warlords did. Remaining true to the tenets of the New Order, Pallaeon refused to throw his fleet into battles just to satisfy the egos or political whims of the various warlords. Since the Sith have returned, Pallaeon has agreed to put his fleet under their control for the greater good of the Empire. He appreciates that the Sith have unified the Empire under their control, but cant bring himself to trust them completely, he feels that they have ulterior motives or are just using the Empire as a tool.

Grand Admiral Thrawn (n)

         Thrawn is the only non human Grand Admiral in the Galactic Empire, he was appointed to his position by Emperor Palpatine for his incredible grip on tactics and command. Although very useful to the Emperor, Palpatine was also worried about Thrawn`s abilities and that he might attempt a coo at a future time. Thrawn was therefore ordered to pacify the outer rim, where he still remains. It is unknown how successful Thrawn was in this duty, or even if he is still alive.

Admiral Daala (n)

         Admiral Daala was close to Grand Moff Tarkin, and when he needed someone to look after his research base at the Maw he chose Daala. The Maw Installation was where Tarkin had the Death Star developed, when he left the Maw to construct the first Death Star he left Daala in charge with orders to develop a better weapon. When he died when the first Death Star was destroyed the knowledge of the Maw Installation and its location died with him. So the scientists kept working away, oblivious to the galaxy and the conflict that was occurring even after the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor. Shortly after the Battle of Endor the Mandaloians discovered the location of the Maw Installation, and decided that they wanted the technology that was developed there. A cloaked Mandalorian fleet seized the Maw Installation, destroying it and taking the captured technology for their own. Once this was complete the survivors were all put to death as enemies of the Mandalorian Empire, although Daala never lived to see this as she had died in the battle at the Maw Installation.

The New Republic

Princess Leia Organa Solo (m)

         Princess Leia is one of the Heroes of Yavin, responsible for the destruction of the first Death Star and later the defeat and death of the Emperor at the Battle of Endor. Shortly afterwards she married Han Solo and was given a place of responsibility in the government of the New Republic. Her life which had settled down so much since the destruction of her homeworld Alderaan has now been shaken up once more with the return of the Sith. The destruction of Coruscant caused the death of both her husband and a rapid promotion to President of the New Republic, a role she continues to fill somewhat reluctantly, although successfully. Leia would like nothing better than to pass control of the Republic onto someone else, but the other senators and ambassadors either do not want the power, or want it for selfish reasons.

Commander Luke Skywalker (m)

         The Last of the Jedi, or at least he thought so when he put an end to Emperor Palpatine and witnessed the death of his father. But Luke Skywalker no longer carries that burden alone, the Jedi order has resurfaced as the students that were hiding from the Empire have begun to show their faces again. And with the discovery of Jedi Master Inam Bnar and the creation of a Jedi school on Ighleigh things are beginning to look better for the Jedi Knights once more. Luke has joined in keenly, learning secrets known to Master Bnar that even Yoda had no knowledge of, but Master Bnar cannot train Jedi in the arts of battle, so Luke has found himself acting as a teacher. This is something that worries Luke, as if Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi managed to fail in the instruction of his father and created Darth Vader, then it would be all too easy for Luke to slip up. With the Jedi Academy having a Jedi Master, two Jedi Knights and almost 60 students, Luke's time is filled with classes and training, which means he is having to take a less active role in the ongoing war against the Sith, something he regrets.

General Han Solo (m)

         Han Solo, smuggler, scoundrel. He had always worn those titles like badges of honour, but the medals he was given and the rank of general always sat uncomfortably, even to the point of being embarrassed by his success. After the Battle of Endor he settled down somewhat, marrying Princess Leia and managing to take an active role in the machinations of the New Republic government. But the attack by the Sith led to his death, caught unawares on the surface of Coruscant when the Sith made their fateful attack, he boarded his ship the Millennium Falcon, as it soared for the sky, the Sith battleship the Scythe fired its weapon destroying the planet. The Millennium Falcon was caught in the fireball as the planet exploded, destroying the ship and killing all aboard it.

Chewbacca (m)

         Chewbacca was a slave when he first met Han Solo, the man who was to save his life and free him at the expense of his career. Chewbacca repaid this debt many times over; eventually losing his life side by side with his friend as Coruscant exploded. A hero to his people, he exemplified their beliefs by carrying out his lifedebt, and helped them throw off the shackles of imperial rule and to throw their support totally behind the New Republic.

General Lando Calrissian (m)

         Lando Calrissian never wanted to join in a crusade against the Empire, but as the empire destroyed his life in parts they forced him step by step to take up arms against them. Taking away his livelihood when they invaded Cloud City and putting his best friend in carbonite to be taken to Jabba the Hutt, forced him to ally with the Rebellion. But after he successfully fired the fatal shot against the second Death Star around Endor he began to move back into the fringe of society, which he preferred to live in. But the destruction of Coruscant and the death of his two best friends have once again forced him into the arms of the Republic, retaking his rank of General to fight the people who have caused him so much loss.

Mon Mothma (m)

         Senator Mon Mothma was one of the main opponents of President Palpatine`s political changes to turn the Republic into the Empire, and as the Republic Senate was disbanded she was forced into hiding. From hiding she became one of the main organisers and leaders of the Rebellion, and once they claimed their victory over the Empire at Endor she became the leader of the New Republic. She almost single handily held the new government together making compromises between the various planetary systems that threatening to pull apart the Republic. She managed to remain clam during the crises that faced the Republic, and even when the Sith fleet emerged from hyperspace around Coruscant, she stayed in the palace to help organise the defence. It was there that she remained when the Scythe fired its weapon destroying Coruscant, Mon Mothma was among the billions that died as the planet exploded.

General Crix Madine (m)

         Crix Madine was an officer in the Imperial Storm Commandos when he defected to the Rebel Alliance. He discovered the truth behind the lies of the Emperors New Order, and became one of the best generals in the alliance. He specialised in commando raids and intelligence work, even organising the raid on the shield generator on Endor that allowed the Republic to attack the second Death Star. After the Empire was defeated, Crix Madine was put in charge of New Republic Intelligence, a job he didn't expect, but excelled at. Crix Madine and Luke Skywalker started the investigation into the Sith shortly before they attacked the Republic. The investigation ended up being one step behind the Sith at every turn, and came to a sudden end when Madine was killed on Coruscant when the planet was destroyed.

Admiral Ackbar (m)

         Admiral Ackbar has gone from politician to slave and to military leader in his life, convincing his home planet of Calimari to support the Rebellion after they freed him from imperial slavery. As his home world supplied almost all of the cruisers in the Rebel fleet he was the obvious choice for the commander of the fleet, a role he has continued when the Rebellion became the New Republic. While he was a slave of the Empire he was put into the service of Grand Moff Tarkin, and took this opportunity to learn all he could on imperial tactics, this he has put into use against the empire in his new role. After the Sith returned and destroyed Coruscant, Ackbar is one of the highest ranked remaining Republic officers and has had a great deal of pressure put on him, plus covering roles and departments that he had little knowledge of before. Although other officers have now taken control of some of these departments and branches, Ackbar still remains in control of New Republic Intelligence as well as the Republics Navy.

General Jan Dodonna (m)

         Jan Dodonna the man who planned the Rebel victory at the Battle of Yavin, was a general and hero of the Old Republic who stood up for what he believed in and joined the Rebellion when the Empire took over. He helped organise the rebellions military, and to plan some of their greatest victories, so when they finally won at the Battle of Endor, he thought his job was now over. Shortly after their victory Dodonna retired from active duty, and acted only as an advisor to the New Republic government spending the majority of his time with his family. But after the Sith attack on Coruscant wiped out much of the command structure of the Republic, Dodonna felt it was his duty to help out once more, and has taken charge of the Republic Army, and of strategic planning for the Republic. With so few people left at the top of the Republic, and so few of them knowledgeable in planning and strategy Dodonna finds himself in almost total command of the military with only the Navy still operating with its commander in tact. But with Admiral Ackbar`s time taken up with the fleet and its day to day running, Dodonna faces countering the Sith Strategies by himself, an enemy that is almost unknown to him.

Captain Wedge Antilles (m)

         Wedge Antilles is one of the most experienced pilots in the New Republic starfighter Corp's, having seen in the Battles of Yavin, Hoth and Endor. Wedge has resisted promotion higher than Captain, since it would take him out of the cockpit of an X-Wing, where he feels most at home. Even though he is only ranked as a captain, Wedge is given a lot more responsibility than his rank would normally allow and serves aboard the Defiance under Admiral Ackbar`s direct command. Wedge still commands Rogue Squadron and organises the fighter squadrons aboard the Defiance, and plans and controls specialist fighter missions as required by Admiral Ackbar.

Ambassador Borsk Fey`lya (n)

         Borsk Fey`lya of Bothawai is the Bothan ambassador, and one of the senior politicians in the New Republic. Borsk organised the Bothan effort to steal the plans of the second Death Star, and bargained this success into a powerful political position, and his political wrangling has continued even to the point where it has caused the Republic significant problems. But no matter what manipulation and power plays he might attempt, Borsk Fey`lya does have what's best for the Republic at heart. His political wrangling has created a number of enemies within the Republic establishment, but he still holds a lot of respect with the citizens of the Republic and may still hold high office no matter what his competitors think.

Winter (n)

         Winter is a life long friend of Princess Leia, having been brought up on Alderaan along with Leia, acting as a companion and bodyguard. Winter was also offworld when Alderaan was destroyed, acting as an agent for Alliance Intelligence using her photographic memory to memorise layouts of Imperial installations and details of Imperial activities which could be useful to the rebellion. Since the defeat of the Emperor, she has acted as an aide to Princess Leia in the New Republic Government, a role she still fulfils now.

Jedi Master Inam Bnar (su)

         Inam Bnar is a Neti Jedi Master, the Neti are a intelligent plant lifeform who in their younger form are comparable to humans in their range of motion. However Inam Bnar has entered the second phase of his life, having put down roots and grown into a large and ancient Neti tree. He has existed in his tree phase for almost five thousand years, having put down roots at a mature two thousand, he is possibly the oldest living being in the galaxy. Inam became a Jedi Master and was appointed to the scientific installation on Ighleigh remaining separate from the rest of the galaxy during the decay of the Jedi and the Republic, and the Jedi purge that the Emperor ordered. His memories of the Jedi order are those of the great days, when the Jedi had not become so obsessed with rules, and were truly protectors of the weak rather than merely puppets of the Republic and their own Jedi Council. Although totally dedicated to peace, and unable to move from his spot on Ighleigh, Inam still dreams of starting the Jedi on the right course once again. He is obviously extremely worried about the Sith attack on the Republic, so is training a new generation of Jedi to help protect the Republic once again.

The Mandalorian Empire

The Mandalorian Emperor (su)

         Scaros the Fourth is the current Emperor of the Mandalorian Empire, youngest son of Rackar the Nineteenth he ascended to the throne of the empire upon his father and families assassination at the hands of a Sith assassin. Scaros is very young for such high station, and is currently only four years old, but this isn't the first time the Mandalorian Empire has faced the situation of an immature emperor. Currently the previous emperors government continues to rule the empire until the new emperor is old enough to take control of the empire himself. However the Emperor being allowed to achieve maturity is by no means guaranteed, as he still has to survive the testing and the hunt he must go on to be declared mature and a warrior of the Mandalorian Empire, and without being a warrior he cannot rule. If he was to fail to achieve maturity, or fail to become a warrior then it is unknown what path the Empire would take, the regent could become a new emperor, but nothing is certain. Without a clear line of succession the future could be rocky for the Mandalorian Empire, and civil war is a strong possibility.

Prime Minister Birthos Paragon (su)

         Birthos Paragon was actually the minister for foreign affairs, when the previous emperor was killed, but when the Prime Minister was caught attempting to have the young emperor assassinated and trying to grab power for himself Paragon found himself promoted. As a Prime Minister Paragon is most definitely not a traditionalist, fighting for stronger ties with the New Republic to help defeat the Sith instead of the more traditional view of the Mandalorian people standing alone against all of their enemies. Paragon is not perhaps the most competent Prime Minister the Mandalorian people have had, but he is a popular one. With the young emperor's popularity at an all time high, and Paragons involvement with the defeat of the assassination attempt against him, Paragon rides a wave of popularity that seems to overlook his failures and his changes to long held Mandalorian traditions. But with an alliance with their long time enemies the Republic, and the loss of the Silver Castle to the Sith, his opponents must wonder how much longer his popularity will last and when talk of his removal will begin.

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