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Corellidyne Visuals Multispectrum Disguise Suite

Staff of Illuminas

         This magic item takes the form of short staff about 5 feet long, which has a stand for a book on its top end, if Illuminas`s Tome of Magic is placed on this stand then it is held firmly in place and can only easily be removed by the owner of the staff.

         This magical item only works for a Wizard who has learnt magic from an Illuminas`s Tome of Magic, and does this automatically with a roll necessary to test for this. Like the Tome of Magic the staff seems to be only granted by Illuminas himself, although they are sometimes passed from teachers to especially gifted students.

         The staff has a number of other more significant magical powers imbued upon it as well as acting as a holder for a copy of Illuminas`s Tome of Magic.

         The Staff is a Magical weapon, doing +2 additional damage.

         The Staff makes its wielder more resistant to damage adding 2 points to the users Toughness.

         The Staff causes creatures that are subject to Instability to make a test to see whether they become unstable. This test is made with every hit, whether damage is caused or not.

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