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Illuminas`s Tome of Magic

         These magic items are only given out by Illuminas, and they teach a style of magic created by him and instruct the reader a more generalised style of casting magic than is usually taught in the Empire.

         The book commonly is paired up with a Staff of Illuminas, but these are less common as it seems that Illuminas would rather teach his style of magic rather than hand out magic items.

         The Tome teaches the user how to compartmentalise their memory and then memorize spells into these memory compartments. It costs 50xp to learn a compartment for a petty magic spell, and 200xp per level of the spells that can be memorised into that compartment. EG if a wizard wants to create a compartment that can store 3rd level spells then it costs 600xp.

         These memory compartments can store a spell of the level it was created for, or a spell from a level lower than it. The only spells that can be memorised into these compartments are those from the tome. A spell takes a number of hours equal to its level +1 to memorise (so a petty magic spell takes 1 hour, and a fourth level spell takes 5), spells remain in their compartments until a new spell is put into the compartment instead.

         The spells memorised can be used in the same way as any other spell using magic points, and count towards advancement, using the same game rules as conventional spells, but offering the wizard a greater flexibility.

         These are never found for sale, however if acquired then the sale price would depend on who was approached (a powerful wizard would have difficulty in learning the new style necessary for the spells in the book, whereas a wizard who could benefit from the book wouldn't likely have a huge amount of money as they would be fairly inexperienced).

Spells in the Tome

Petty Magic

         Gift of Tongues, Glowing Light, Magic Alarm, Magic Flame, Magic Lock, Open, Protection from Rain, Reinforce Door, Remove Curse, Sleep, Zone of Silence, Zone of Warmth

1st Level Battle Magic

         Aura of Resistance, Cure Light Injury, Fire Ball, Flight, Hammer Hand, Immunity from Poison, Strength of Combat, Wind Blast

2nd Level Battle Magic

         Aura of Protection, Lightning Bolt, Mystic Mist, Smash, Zone of Sanctuary

3rd Level Battle Magic

         Arrow Invulnerability, Cause Instability, Dispel Aura, Magic Bridge, Transfer Aura

4th Level Battle Magic

         Aura of Invulnerability, Blast, Cure Severe Wound, Enchant Weapon, Stand Still, Strength of Mind

1st Level Elemental Magic

         Blinding Flash, Breathe Underwater, Cloud of Smoke, Hand of Fire, Magic Light, Walk on Water, Zone of Hiding

2nd Level Elemental Magic

         Cause Fire, Cause Rain, Clap of Thunder, Extinguish Fire, Move Object, Part Water, Resist Fire, Wither Vegetation

3rd Level Elemental Magic

         Banish Elemental, Become Ethereal, Breathe Fire, Crumble Stone, Dust Storm

4th Level Elemental Magic

         Tunnel Through Stone

1st Level Illusionist Magic

         Assume Illusionary Appearance, Cloak Activity

2nd Level Illusionist Magic

         Banish Illusion, Ghostly Appearance

3rd Level Illusionist Magic

         Illusion of Mighty Appearance, Vanish

4th Level Illusionist Magic

         Illusion of Darkness, Teleport

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Text completely by FreddyB.
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