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Hello, and welcome to

February/2009 UPDATES

23/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

20/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

        A rather late update this week, due to me being incredibly busy, but better late than never I suppose, today I've added Dark Well Sniper Armor, Akira Powered Protective Vest, Hardcorps Armor, Akira Softshell Armour, Akira Armor Co Soltan Battle Suit, Nerical Defensive Armor, RanCorp Riot Armor, RanCorp troop armor, SoftEdge Stealth Suit, Tactical Jacket, Veritane protective vest, Vetricon VC-5 Combat Armour, Vetricon VCB-5 Arm Bracers, Vetricon VCG-5 Leg greaves, Vetricon VCH-5 Combat Helmet, Vetricon VCV-5 Armour Vest, Black Nova Heavy Combat Armor, Iatt Armament Enhanced Stormtrooper Armor Shield System (ESASS), Imperial Engineering Blast Helmet/Blast Vest, Imperial Engineering Combat Armor, Light Combat Armor, Military SIPES, ALICE Combat Armor and Carrying Equipment, Selono Techniflex TASS Body Armor, Neogen Assault Trooper Body Armor with Uniform, Neogen Assault Trooper Body Armor, Otacon Industries Military Stealth Suit, Weapons Master AM-10 Medium Armor, Mithryl Fast-Attack Armor, Akira Shedim Powersuit, VerdanTech Skybounder Fast Attack Armour, Akira Wolf-3 Body Armour, Akira Wolf-5 Body Armour, Akira Wolf-6 Body Armour, Akira Wolf-7 Body Armour, Caedes Consortium M-6 Power Armour, Caedes Consortium M-7 Power Armour, Caedes Consortium M-8 Power Armour, Krail 311 Bounty Hunter Armor, Zealot Power Suit, Titan Technologies Abyss Heavy Combat Armor, C-524 Space Armor, Titan Technologies Devastator Heavy Combat Armor, Imperial Engineering Power Armor Suit, Titan Technologies Incinerator Heavy Combat Armor, Deathtek DK-Z BattleArmor, MetaCorp Jumptrooper Assault Armor, Imperial Development Dark Trooper: Phase 03 Heavy Power Armor, Merr-Sonn SC-Firebat Combat PowerSuit, Merr-Sonn SC-Marine Combat PowerSuit, Merr-Sonn SC-Medic Combat PowerSuit to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Page, all part of the ongoing process of recovering the DLOS stats.
        Well, we are around half way through the DLOS archives, and if I get another couple of weeks like last week, I'll be through it within the next month. There are another couple of smaller D/6 web sites which we can recover stuff from, but we are still looking for even more sites to recover. So if you can think of any, let us know and we'll do our best to get permission and to get those sites back.

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12/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

12/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, thought I'd try completing the characters section of DLOS, which was made slightly more difficult by duplication of characters between sections of their site, and slightly different versions of characters on different pages.
        But, anyway, today I've added Baron Von Beegleheimer (Heinous Villain of Mass Proportions), Bene Gesserit, Bob the Dinosaur (Joke Character), Devastor Lakanddra (Human Mercenary), Dogbert (Joke Character), Fremen, Ginaz Swordmasters, Gwirekon Pirates: Boarding Marines, Gwirekon Pirates: Starfighter Pilot, Gwirekon Pirates: Zero G Troopers, Harkonnen Trooper, Immortals, Jakre F. Ronnel (Human Ex-Pit Fighter), Jof lep (Spathi Coward), KORD ARNUM, Ler Tedib (Human Janitor), The Marshmallow Puff People, Rssh alle (Sshrihx Bounty Hunter), Sardaukar, Setzn Kaizo (Human Bounty Hunter), Tanaka Mariko (Human Starfighter Pilot), The Razorbacks - Swoop Gang, Tonk (Bounty Hunter), Trent Zinx Frost (Human Dark Lord of the Sith), Typical Repulsor Hockey Player, Zebes (Giant Brain), Sera Asvek (Bothan Spy), Kelos (Gungan Fringer), Gruben (Dug Scoundrel), Greman (Twilek Diplomat), Esara Tulean (Human Slaver), Admiral Harlo Dev (Imperial Officer), Emperor Weji Ynehtam (Imperial Officer), Empress Red (Imperial Officer), Fleet Admiral Essen Balher (Imperial Officer), Fros Iennis (Cyborg), Fleet Admiral Korion (Mon Calimari New Republic Officer), General Matrim Cauthron (Imperial Officer), Janitor, PDF army trooper, PDF navy trooper, Earth Federation GM Mobile Suite Pilot, Earth Federation Land Combat Mobile Suite Pilot, Earth Federation Navy Officer, Zeon Mobile Suit Pilot, Zeon Naval Officer, Arachnid, Flying Arachnid, Arangar, Aranias, The Bobs, Colo Claw Fish, Critters, Dtang, Darkhounds, Dervulian Hounds, Draghkar, Eopie, Essel Cat, Essel Tiger, Faendor Rioles, Faendor Thressal, Falumpaset, Fambaas, Gingerbread Men, Graas Jhouea (Grs Zhoo-eeah), Grey Men, Hydralisks, Hydra, Ibaeps, Jhon T-he, Kaadu, The Legendary Black Beast of Aaauugghh, Morlin, Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons, Myrddraal, Opee Sea Killer, The Rabbit of Caerbaddon, Re-tak, Rhamsha, Sando Aqua Monster, Sarwican Bear, Shai-Hulud - Great Sandworm, Space Roach, Species X, Tarrasque, Tremors, Trolloc, Ultralisks, Undead, Vink Spider, Vrashna Sonic Hounds, Warls, Yeto, Zerglings, Zering T-Shaa all to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the site.

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10/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

09/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Today I've added, Bezrin (Bruno) Marck (Sarkan Bar Owner), Dod Bule (Duro Pirate), Lt. Geoff Anteri (NRI Officer), Giara Nacirem Fen (Near-Human Jedi), Kel Sapur (Immortal Pirate), Meri Shien (Human Bartender), Moff Jerr Uhlmann (Human Imperial Moff), Palvar Defense Force (PDF) Army Troopers, Palvar Defense Force Delta Zero Operatives, Palvar Defense Force (PDF) Naval Troopers, Palvar Defense Force (PDF) Spacetroopers, Palvar Defense Force (PDF) Special Missions Army Troopers, Stefon Sapur (Immortal), Stek Renu (Human), Vlas Eenex (Kerl Slaver), Tyrion Nightstorm (Pirate), Captain Nele Versh (New Republic Captain), Major Terrel Daharn (NRI Officer), Moff Nikolai Arkanian (Human Imperial Moff), Roga Danar (Human Mercenary), Colonel Flac Drivin (Human Imperial Officer), General Alpha 13 (Human Imperial General), Fleet Admiral Essen Balher (Human Imperial Admiral), Imperial Intelligence Adjustments Agents, Wing Commander Kevlaar Culpect (Imperial Officer), Grand Admiral Thrawn Division Soldiers, StormElite Anti-Partisan Soldier, StormElite Desert Operation Soldiers, StormElite Foreign Volunteer Soldiers, StormElite Repulsor-Grenadiers, StormElite Shock Troops, StormElite Soldier, StormElite Armored Vehicle Crewman, Moff Jerr Uhlmann (Human Imperial Moff), StormElite Mountain Troop, Colonel Toejam Jackson (Human Imperial Officer), Doctor Robert Lemelisk (Imperial Scientist), Grand Admiral Geraad Kun (Human Imperial Officer), Lara Lasard (Imperial Captain), Grand Admiral Thern Moudurn (Imperial Grand Admiral), Lt. Belman (Imperial Officer), Major Oshka Maratafutu (Imperial Officer), Imperial Intelligence Black Operatives, High Admiral Shuntly (Imperial Officer) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site, all part of the ongoing DLOS additions.

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04/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, a couple of small changes to the site, both of them on the right hand side of the main page. Firstly a small block showing a current count of the stats on the site, broken down into categories. Secondly, another block which shows the three pages with the most recent comments on them, hope it proves as useful to other people as it has proven to me (a version of this already existed in the administration menu).

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03/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, another quick two additions to the site, both from Hellstormer, firstly his take on Juno Eclipse from The Force Unleashed, which I've added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, and the second . . . well the second is probably introduced by the man himself.

        Something to be said about this write-up. I am a fan of the old WEG Star Wars D6 system, and anyone else who visits Freddy's site probably is too. That said, no matter how cool it ever was to use blasters in Star Wars D6, I always wondered about firearms in the setting and how they worked in the rukles. They seemed simple and straight-forward enough, with a similar stat block like blasters and other weapons, with their own damage. Even the -1D against body armor felt right, since it was a more high-tech setting with more advanced armors that could withstand firearms more than super-heated blaster bolts. But the rules given for firearms always seemed lacking something. Every gun I ever saw seemed limited to "semiautomatic", where they fire a single bullet, and never mention guns that used automatic fire to unleash a torrent of bullets for more damage, or to unload on an entire area of enemies, or other things we're used to seeing in rela life or the movies. In this, firearms always seemed lacking, and woe be to anyone who ever got stuck with on on a backwater planet with a stormtrooper legion hot on their tail.
        Then one night, I had the urge to write up the M4A-1 Pulse Rifle from the Aliens movie (second in the movie series, best in my opinion!). It just came to me one evening while at a friend's house, so I sat at the PC, typed some stuff up, and when I had a finished draft that felt it wouldn't need fuiture changes I went ahead and sent it in (I think this is still on the recent posts on the site's home page).
        After some time passed, me and my friends realized the significance of what i had created. All of these other setting we had always wanted to try in D6 system but couldn't for lack of firearms rules, were now open for grabs. The biggest of these being Stargate, or rather, the televisions series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. These settings had stuff that would fit well in Star Wars (and we converted several for the site!), but they always made heavy use of firearms for the good guys, and in many cases these guns were more preferable than the energy weapons everyone else had. With the simple rules given for the Pulse Rifle, we could now do Stargate. As of a week and a half ago from this writing, we began a game at random, and it's going well. We've actually crossed both Stargate series (since they're both over now, they make excellent background material!) with Battlestar Galactica (the original series, but using much of the ship designs from the new series) set twenty years after the series ended. The result has been a plot and setting that will give me much to use as a campaign, but anyways, back to the firearms.
        With what we've done in this new game/campaign, we now have rules for D6 firearms! I send these to Freddy to post on the site at his discretion. If anyone has opinions, or even downright disagrees with any of the rules, then please, post comments expressing these thoughts. After all, the golden rule in RPGs is if you don't like it, change it or get rid of it. And I would like to see everyone's thoughts on these rules.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: While these rules may be too much for some people, or perhaps too little for others, the information given here is probably lacking in many ways. So, to balance this out, if more information is ever needed or wanted, for whatever reason, the players or GM should look it up online. The Net has much more detail on these things than I could ever come up with, or that I personally know.
        One great site to look for info is So far, it's had all the answers I've needed, and it should help anyone out with questions. The biggest question will probably be how to modify a firearm and what would be available for it. Wikipedia seems to have all of this. One of the biggest mod deals I have come across is STANAG, a NATO agreement that is making all its member nations conform to standard weapons and ammunition types, making ammo and supplies much more readily available in the field. It would go that they probably have much available for weapons modifications and add-ons as well.


        And with that we proudly present Hellstormers D/6 Firearms rules modifications, which are truly, truly excellent work.

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03/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

02/February/2009 Posted by Freddy

        After another bit of a break, but back to the DLOS additions, today I've added Remora Corvette, New Republic Shark Torpedo Cruiser, Mon Calamari MC90 Star Cruiser (revised), SorroSuub Agravator Cruiser, Corellian CC-5500 Frigate, Corellian CC-7700 Frigate, Corellian CC-9600 Frigate, Corellian Corvette (CR-90), Corellian Corvette (CR-92), Covey Carrier-Cruiser, Dauntless Cruiser, The Emancipator, Liberator Carrier-Cruiser, Republic Missile Frigate, New Republic Mainstay Support Frigate, Mobile Defense Ship, Mon Calamari MC80B Star Cruiser, Mon Calamari MC95 Star Cruiser, New Republic Star Avenger, Republic Skipray Blastboat, The Independence and Home One, New Republic Titan Corvette, New Republic Engineering Prowler Patrol, Scout and Attack Craft, Hapan Battle Dragon, Hapes Nova Battle Cruiser, Hapes Star Destroyer, Gates Battle Cruiser, Admiral Corvette, Assault Corvette, Discriminator Frigate, Penetrator Missile Cruiser, Duom Cruiser, The Rimes, The Blood of Kashan, The Vendetta, Setec Light Battlecruiser, Hkebra DNal Light Cruiser, Crucem Excidium Cruiser, Jquille Missile Frigate (revised), Neyomal MegaCruiser, Neyomal Mothership, Wertokian Grishmath Carrier, Wertokian Hive Cruiser, Umgah Drone, Pride of the Yevetha, The Knass (Big Ass), Yevethan Star Destroyer, Fedtra Interdictor, Umgah Star Destroyer, Vengeance Battle Cruiser all to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section.
        Well, although tomorrow is my birthday, I'm going to try to do another update.

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