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The Return

        Well, what can I say, the irony of my last editorial about Star Wars sites not being updated often isn't lost on me, now that 3 years later I come to actually doing the next one, especially after 2 years without updates.
        My excuses, well, I got a job, a job which involves a long day, a long day doing web development, meaning when I get home I'm tired (remember I've got two sons, so am likely to be more tired before they go to bed), and since the process of doing used to involve having to hand code all the pages, meant that I rarely had the energy to be bothered to write an update, code it into HTML and upload it.
        In that time as well, I launched another web site which I hoped to get into the social networking scene, however, its flopped, and flopped BIG.
        Anyway, whats changed for me to be writing this, well first of all, I intend to start scheduling my time, and is one of my priorities, I've let the site sit and moulder, when it deserves better. Also I've spent the last couple of days writing a Content Management System, allowing all updates to be done from a web browser. Theres still a lot of static HTML pages in the site, and I've tried to integrate the new systems with that as seamlessly as possible, and in my opinion it looks pretty good. Also I've taken this opportunity to implement a new graphical design to the site that "Bob the Dinosaur", "L" and myself were working on in early 2004 (see how behind I've been).
        The CMS system also allows me to take on other administrators, so I'll be spending some time trying to search out new admins for the site, to allow content to be added more quickly than will be possible by just me spending a couple of hours a week.
        Anyway, you should expect to see around an update a week rather than the old daily ones, not as much as the days of yore, but better than since December 2006 :)
        There is also another point that must be raised, although I'm still an expert with the D/6 Star Wars system, I've actually stopped running it recently in favour of going back to my own game, which kind of drags back to its roots, since it was never intended to be a D/6 specific site (or I'd have grabbed or, which makes me want to search out other content. So as usual, if you've any suggestions, ideas or contributions (please contributions) please get in touch, I'll really make an effort to respond quickly (although may have to be more brief than usual).

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