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Chain of Attack

GENRE: Generic Sci-FI

BRIEF: The Players ship stumbles through a wormhole emerging on the far side of the galaxy/universe.

FULL: An ancient method of travel exists in the form of a series of wormholes or gates, they allow instantanious travel between distant parts of the universe. However through disuse they are beginning to break down, snatching ships and dumping them in remote parts of the galaxy almost at random. The players have to find a nethod of reversing their trip through the gateway.

TWIST: The space where the players have emerged in is ravaged by war, the wars have been started because ships have been vanishing, and races have been blaming each other.

        The players can bring the wars to an end by explaining why ships have been disappearing, but the highly suspicious alien races may blame the players for causing the disappearances.

SOURCE: Chain of Attack by Gene DeWeese

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