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Dead Rising

Genre: Fantasy

In Brief: The dead are rising, the gates to heaven and hell have closed.

In Full: The souls of the dead cannot reach the realm of the gods, so are returning to their bodies. The heroes have to discover what has caused the gods to close the gates their realms, perhaps an artifact that even they fear, perhaps a mage who can steal their power, perhaps something else.

Twist:The dead that are rising are not unthinking zombies, and are not undead, they are just people who just happen to be dead. While this is just disturbing for most people, who find the presence of slowly rotting relatives to be somewhat scary. And although the dead cannot be killed, they can be destroyed so that they cannot interact with the living. Churches will begin to organise against these un-natural beings, and the dead will begin to fight back, also some villains will begin to take advantage of the situation (since you can`t be killed, there is little danger in robbery and violence anymore). Its possible that kingdoms would take advantage of the situation as well, since there is no chance of casualties, if your army is already the dead walking.

        The players have to remedy the situation, opening the gates of heaven once more, and letting the dead rest in peace.

Source: Based very roughly on Peter F Hamiltons Nights Dawn Trilogy.

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