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Cybot Galactica WED-1016 Repair Droid

Cybot Galactica WED-1016 Repair Droid

K-series Astromech Droid

K-series Astromech Droid

Clone Whats!

        Decided to write this although its not funny, and not entertaining, but just thought I'd share my general confusion.

         Today I was doing some reading into the Techno Union (for todays update, the Techno Union Corvette), and I started to wonder what the hell was going on during the Clone Wars (or what the hell was going on in George Lucas's head).

         On the official web site, about the techno union, it says.

        Respected corporations such as Baktoid Armor Workshop, Haor Chall Engineering, Republic Sienar Systems, Kuat Systems Engineering, TaggeCo, BlasTech Industries, and the Corellian Engineering Corporation are all signatories, to some degree, of the Techno Union.

         And this made me think, huh?

         So Republic Sienar Systems, who designed and built the Jedi Starfighter and later the TIE Fighter, were fighting against the Republic and the emerging Empire?

         So BlasTech, who made the blaster rifles for the secret Clone army to defeat the separatists, also were fighting for the separatists against the Republic? Yet still managed to keep their contract in arming the Storm Troopers for the Empire!

         Kuat Systems Engineering, who later became Kuat Drive Yards and built Star Destroyers for the Republic and Empire, both helped build the Acclimator Class Transports to transport the Clone army in their battle against the separatists, and funded the separatists?

         Okay, there is something to be said for making money out of supplying arms to both sides in a conflict, but these companies seem to be supplying arms to the side that's fighting against them.

         In the real world I know that both Britain and America supplied arms to Iraq, then fought against troops equipped with these arms. But the situation described by the web site, seems to be one step even further than this, and has left me totally confused.

         So if anyone would like to explain to me the workings of George Lucas's deranged mind, then please do, but I wanted to have a rant since I'm trying my best to work with the material they supply.

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