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Carnor Jax (Human Royal Guardsman & Imperial Leader)
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Vampire (K`s Version)

         The events here take place in a game of Vampire the Masquerade, where I don't think our ex-member G (An X member of the group) who was the GM was ready for our group to play vampiric monsters (at times I think the GM was truly terrified at what the players could think of doing. "Monsters playing monsters?").

Dan Quayle - Tremere (Politician with powerful mind control abilities and owner of a flaming mansion) played by F.

Jack Monroe - Caitiff (Was supposed to be an old west gunfighter cowboy, but the first adventure required newly created vampires, so ended up with an actor sort of Rawhide the Next Generation) played by K.

Kelly Bundy - Toreador (Unlucky brainless party girl) played by R.

Bart Simpson - Brujah (Streetwise gang tough, with a short life span for an immortal) played by C.

Posh Chick - (Rich, impatient and slightly brutal) played by C after death of Bart.

James Brown - Gangrel (Short Private Detective, Part owner, then later full nightclub owner, then owner of an arson insurance investigation) played by L.

As I remember it

         The party awaken in the cellar of a building each unsure as to how they got there. A short time later they realise that the building is on fire, Bart decides to run through the fire manages to resist most of the damage, but escapes to the outside.

         At this point one of the party notices that there is a strange outline on the wall, which leads them to discover hidden exit.

         The party run into and older vampire who is trying to help the new party of vampires survive. It appears as if a group of vampires decided to create some new vampires against the laws of the Prince of the city. Since the party were created illegally the vampires of the city were trying to destroy them.

         As our new vampire friend was helping us escape a club, he lead us to a door so we could getaway via the fire escape. Just as he opened the door a hail of bullets cuts him down. Jack draws his gun and shoots the gunman killing him. The party's new vampire friend is just holding on, Jack looks at him and smiles and sinks his teeth into him and starts to drain his blood dry, and then continues until his life force is drained.

         The party splits for the night and returns to their various houses. The following night Jack leaves his house to wander the streets hunting. Jack attacks a young couple walking in an attempt to regain the blood he has lost. After a brief scuffle Jack renders them unconscious and is able to drink his fill.

Short Private Detective stakes his partner in the nightclub to the club's roof; once the sun comes up he is burnt to dust and blows away.

         As the party tries to gather itself together Jack is on his motorbike, riding past a woman in a red dress. As Jack continues to ride on later he sees the woman in the dress again and later on he sees her once more. Jack decides to stop his bike and draws up beside her. Realising that she is a vampire, Jack decides that caution is advised. Slipping his leg off of the bike to face the woman Jack casually crosses his arms, slipping one hand under his long coat where his Beretta 93R sat in a shoulder holster.

GM: It is rude to take food from another's plate.

K: And?

GM: Feeding from another's herd is not recommended.

K: Why's that then?

         This response is not to the woman's liking she bares her teeth and charges at Jack. The hail of bullets from Jack's pistol stops her advance, as she falls to the ground Jack grabs her and starts to feed on her blood until it stops then drains her of her life force.

The barman of James Brown`s nightclub burns it to the ground.

         In a nightclub the party splits trying to gather some blood, Jack spots a young tasty girl in a tight bodysuit so chats to her and follows her down into the stairwell. Once there the situation continues something like this.

GM: Relax Jack you don't need your guns here.

K: Is she trying to dominate me?

GM: Lay down your guns Jack.

K: Is she trying to dominate me?

GM: Lay down your guns Jack.

K: Is she trying to dominate me?

K: Okay I take off my long coat and drop my shoulder holster to the ground.

GM: As she moves towards you it is difficult for you to move.

K: Why? Under page two subsection four of my character sheet under miscellaneous advantages I'm immune to mental domination.

GM: A little disappointed. "Ooh".

K: I act as if she has dominated me.

GM: She approaches you and is about to bite you.

K: I grab her and pin her to the ground.

GM: Okay you manage to grapple her; she is struggling but can't move.

K: I bite her and drain her blood dry, then continue until I drain her life force as well.

The Prince of the city and his bodyguard have summoned the party to a meeting as the players have run roughshod over his city. A vampire hunter detective interrupts the meeting.

K: I shoot the police detective with my assault rifle. One round in the chest.

GM: The detective is badly wounded and flees before you can take any other action.

K: Well actually by my calculations in the best-case scenario for him he is at least crippled, which means (character is severely injured and can only crawl).

At this time in the adventure the Police Detective (who was in fact a bad Colombo impersonator) who has been investigating the party's various exploits breaks into Dan Quayles mansion and after several attempts manages to stake Kelly Bundy and set fire to the building.

GM as bodyguard: So Jack you consider yourself to be a gunman do you?

K: Sometimes.

GM: So how about a contest of skill to settle this, first to draw blood?

K: Jack says, "Okay". I shoot him in the leg with my assault rifle right now.

The bodyguard is not impressed and so erupts a firefight.

C: Draws his sword cane and attacks the Prince.

F: Dominates the Columbo impersonator and feeds him his own blood completing the blood bond, and creating a ghoul.

After all the commotion is settled the players walk outside to find the vampire hunter lying dead on the ground, as he was badly injured he fell from the ladder to the ground which killed him.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text by K. Edited by Freddy
Images stolen from various web pages I`ve now forgotten where (Copyright resides with the artist).
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.