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May/2010 UPDATES

31/May/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

Ladies and gentlemen, Hellstormer1 here again.  I proudly give you something that has, technically, been several years in the making with whatever previous ideas I could remember to throw together and put into words.  I give you...D6 MISSILES!

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30/May/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello, Hellstormer1 here. I've been wanting to sit and do more, but time is hard to come by. BUT! I have one little gem to add to the Battlestar Galactica stuff I've been adding...the Colonial Raptor (Re-imagined Series)!
This little ship may not seem like much at first, a simple recon and support craft. But in the hands of a capable crew of two or three, using the Raptor's gear to their fullest, and you have a ship that is hard as heck to take down, tricky as all get out, and may elude even the most determined Cylons and other foes! For those interested, take a close look at the game notes in the Description area in the write-up.
On another note, I meant to finally sit down tonight and write up another article, D6 MISSILES. But when i looked for D6 FIREARMS, it was gone (I might have goofed again). So I have spent the time finding another copy, making some adjustments, and reposting it here. The old pic I didn't have on me. But the new pic in the article is better, I think...hehe!
D6 FIREARMS v1.3.2
D6 MISSILES, when I get it cranked out, will cover some extra rules people can use for missiles in their games. In short, missiles have always been the right hook to any ships left jab of other guns...they have much shorter range but pack one hell of a bang! These rules will do the same as D6 FIREARMS, taking the basic rules and expanding them, adding on some detail to flesh them out and giving GMs and more players more options for their weapons when they use them.
Some of this is mentioned heavily in the Raptor's write-up, as well as the Comments area for the Viper MkVII in Battlestar Galactica.
Hope you like the Raptor, more coming as soon as I get'em done!

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21/May/2010 Posted by Freddy

        Yep I'm lazy, yep I'm running late with my updates, and yep I could once again come out with a bunch of legitimate sounding excuses, but thankfully long time supporter of the site, Weston has contributed some more fantastic stats, and today I've added Mon Calamari Tidal-class Cruiser, Mon Calamari MC30a Patrol Frigate and Yag Dhul SpaceWorks Wavecrest-class Frigate to the Star Wars D6 Starships Section of the Site.
        Many thanks as always to him for this great work, and fingers crossed, I should be able to get back to my normal schedule and finish off the Freespace conversions then (after that I think I'll be doing a bunch of Warhammer 40k conversions).

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04/May/2010 Posted by Freddy

        Well, today I've added more of my Freespace Conversions, Galactic Terran Alliance Ares Class Fighter, Galactic Terran Alliance Arcadia Class Installation, Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Anuket Class Gas Miner, Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Amun Class Bomber, Shivan Aeshma Class Fighter and Galactic Terran Alliance Aeolus Class Cruiser all to the Star Wars D/6 Starships section of the site.
        What more can I say today except, "May the Fourth be with you! {complaints about my repetitive and terrible jokes may be sent to the usual address}.

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