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23/January/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Another smaller group of the main Rise of Skywalker Characters. I'm finding it a little odd seeing three versions of these characters as they developed since The Force Awakens. Anyway, today we've addec Armitage Hux (as of Rise of Skywalker), Finn (as of Rise of Skywalker), & Maz Kanata (as of Rise of Skywalker) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.


Comments made about this Article!

24/Jan/2020 03:59:21 Posted by Vaughn99

I would also find it a bit odd that there would be a HUGE influx in stats maybe a pip here or there from TFA to TLJ something like days or LESS passed and I did look just yesterday as I was curious of the time between TLJ and ROS but It looks like no one can agree as some are saying that the time between TLJ and ROS is 5 months. In the grand scheme of things this time frame makes SO MUCH of the story even MORE unbelievable. That means at the beginning of TFA to the end of ROS a total of 6 months pasts and Rey who had no Force to Jedi Knight in 6 months!!! even funnier the resistance went from 14 members to 1000's!!!! In the past and its been a while but ANH to ESB to ROTJ 4 years pass and the heroes in that time frame improved some skills but not a ton in 4 YEARS!!!! The most improved was Luke as he trained in the force and took 4 years to become a Jedi Knight the CSA of 10/8/7 by ROTJ. Most of Luke's stats improved were all force areas not much core stats. You have to also remember that in between all these movies in the Legends those character were SUPER busy on adventures and you can see that no huge jumps in core stats. Oh great with this post my utter contempt with Disney actually got worst : )

24/Jan/2020 07:19:22 Posted by

According to the Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary, 1 year has passed between the events of The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker.
As for Rey's increasing skills, they still seem to be leaning on the idea that she's passively learning Kylo's force powers through the link. Although it's not stated on screen, so isn't canon. However, given the Palpatine link, it actually makes sense if he got Snoke to do it, so that Rey would be fast tracked into being useful to Palpatine. But as I said, not shown onscreen, so not canon, so we're left with the Galaxy's fastest learner.

24/Jan/2020 14:06:59 Posted by Wiggty

Well she did have the text books, something Luke did not have until after ROTJ. Between the books and the Matrix style passive brain updates Palps / Snoke was doing, it isn't completely impossible to think she couldn't learn the alter and sense skills. She would need training for the control skills though. Thinking Luke and Liea saw to that.

25/Jan/2020 02:20:35 Posted by Vaughn99

I hear what you are all saying. Like Star Wars WEG D6 2nd edition I have the mind set since the mid 1990's that it is very comparable and relatable in real life. You take the garbage out every week simple task roll right but when your in a hurry or just not in the mood you get lazy and not pay attention you half miss dropping it in and stuff falls over or a corner catches and makes a mess, in other words a failed roll or got a 1 on the wild die twice. You can equate that to everything you do, college is like the younglings training. With a teacher you learn faster as things are shown or guidance. Then like in real life when you take on something new with out a teacher you fumble though it and eventually to get better after many many many attempts or your OWN research etc but like 2nd Edition with a teacher training is measured in days/weeks or months depending on the task or how good you want to improve something. With out a teacher (Double time needed) its measured in weeks, months or longer as with doing it yourself your trying to learn with out guidance.

When I look at all this what it would take for me if I made this character to play the SWRPG 2nd Edition to achieve the levels that the characters have like Rey it just doesn't add up and remember with out a TEACHER its DOUBLE the character points and twice as long training till you can move it up a PIP!! to learn or you didn't use the skill in the previous mission. Now my old GM did not give character points out like candy so it took a ton of time to build things up so I would guess it depends what your GM experience is. She might have the link but I really don't get a Teacher/Student relation ship. Kylo has a long path with teachers over quite a few years I believe he started when he was 10 (15ABY) till he destroyed the academy in 28 ABY then joined the first order and trained till 34ABY (TFA) so almost 20 years of training to only reach a Contol/Sense/Alter (CSA) of 6/5/8 as of TFA and Rey's CSA almost 11/9/8 as of ROS in 1 year!!!! She has trained with Luke for what a couple of days come on now, and you can only learn up to a teachers level before you need a new teacher. so Kylo couldn't teacher her so did she teach him??? and she has higher skills so Leia only taught to a point, because you read it doesn't mean you can do it. in ROS she failed her test training so many times they even mentioned it but her skills are better than Leia CSA of almost 9/10/7 as of ROS after 30 years of training as it looks like she started some force training in about 5ABY as of the WEG Thrawn Trilogy (5ABY-9ABY) has Force stats listed. The latest Legends WEG stat of about 11ABY Leia had CSA of 5/5/4. So what we are left with Rey is a FORCE GENIUS!!!! Here 30 years stats will be CSA 41/39/38 WOW!!

25/Jan/2020 02:28:00 Posted by Vaughn99

Hmm it cut off my last sentence.

Yoda Scmoda who needs a 900 year old teacher, we have REY!!

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