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ZAFT GINN Long Range Reconnaissance Type

ZAFT GINN Long Range Reconnaissance Type
Lin Gaava

Lin Gaava

Hétis (Near-Human Waitress/Rebel)

Hétis (Near-Human Waitress/Rebel) View Update

09/May/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Visitor Xain Arke was good enough to point out some Clone Wars stats that I totally failed to cover during my time working through the seven seasons, so today I'd like to present, Talzin (Dathomirian Witch), Zatt (Nautolan Youngling), Clone Commander Doom, & Tiplee (Mikkian Jedi Master) all added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.

        And honestly truly many thanks to him for pointing out these ones I missed. I really can't believe I never covered Talzin before, how on earth did I miss her?
        So, if you spot anything I've not covered, then let me know, it's really appreciated. As is any feedback on the stats I add, sometimes I totally miss things when I'm doing these, and forget the time a character was swimming, so definitely should have Swimming skill, or that force power someone used that one time, so they should have it. I'm far from perfect, and sometimes make characters too powerful, or too weak, so really appreciate any feedback, as it all improves the site, something I'm always striving to do.

        Anyway, back tomorrow with more Tales of the Jedi stuff.


Comments made about this Article!

09/May/2020 12:35:39 Posted by Darren

Once again, thanks for all that you are doing! It's great you're delving into the Tales of the Jedi era - something not really explored much... I always felt the stats in the TOTJ companion were either too low or too high. I'm looking forward to what you come up with. :)

11/May/2020 21:20:27 Posted by Xain Arke

If it gets annoying, let me know :)

Taking a bit more care after I totally missed satine was on the site already, here are all the Clone Wars characters not statted (as far as I can determine) up to Lightsaber Lost

Admiral Wullf Yularen (Cat and Mouse)
General Whorm Loathsom (Clone Wars Movie)
Hevy, Clone 99, Bric, EI-Les (Clone Cadets)
Ima-Gun Di, Cham Syndulla, King Katuunko, Lott Dod (Supply Lines)
Gha Nachkt (Downfall of a Droid)
Captain Argyus (Cloak of Darkness)
Nadar Vebb (Lair of Grievous)
Tee Watt Kaa, Wag Too (Jedi Crash)
General Lok Durd (Defenders of Peace)
Chairman Chi Cho, Senator Riyo Chuchi, Thi-Sen (Tresspass)
Queen Neeyutnee, Peppi Bow, Doctor Nuvo Vindi (Blue Shadow Virus)
Cato Parasitti (Holocron Heist)
Sugi, Rumi Paramita (Bounty Hunters)
Doctor Sionver Boll, Doge Nakha Urus (The Zillo Beast)
Cut Lawquane, Suu Lawquane (The Deserter)
Cassie Cryar?, Ione Marcy, Tera Sinube (Lightsaber Lost)

I don't know if all of these deserve specific stats, but they're the ones that had important rolls in episodes. I've left out most of the named Clones and child characters, like Rotta the Hutt, as there's thirty-ish characters listed here already (Sorry)

17/May/2020 07:57:53 Posted by Freddy

No problem,
I'll finish Golden Age of the Sith (just one more issue), and then move onto these for a few days until I get through them and move back to Tales of the Jedi.

17/May/2020 21:06:26 Posted by xain arke

Leave them until after all the Tales of the Jedi stuff maybe? I didn't want to derail your current plans

Anyway, I've finished watching through the rest of Clone Wars, here are the ones from Voyage of Temptation to The Dissapeared

Senator Tal Merrik (Voyage of Temptation)
Admiral Kilian, Bossk (Death Trap)
Castas (R2 Come Home)
Fong Do (Lethal Trackdown)
Amis, Lagos, Soniee (The Academy)
Che Amanwe Papanoida, Chi Eekway Papanoida, Ion Papanoida (Sphere of Influence)
Robonino (Hostage Crisis)
Mina Bonteri (Heroes on Both Sides)
Teckla Minnau, Chata Hyoki (Pursuit of Peace)
Senator Mee Deechi, Senator Halle Burtoni, Lolo Purs (Senate Murders)
Osi Sobeck, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin (The Citadel)
Kalifa, O-Mer, Jinx, Garnac, Dar (Padawan Lost)
Prince Lee-Char, Nossor Ri, Captain Gial Ackbar (Water War)
Boss Lyonie, Rish Loo (Shadow Warrior)
Dogma (Plan of Dissent)
Darts D'Nar (Kidnapped)
Queen Miraj Scintel, Slave Master Agruss (Slaves of the Republic)
Rako Hardeen, Moralo Eval (Deception)
Bulduga, Derrown, Jakoli, Kiera Swan, Mantu, Onca, Sinrich, Sixtat, Twazzi (The Box)
Old Daka (Massacre)
Dengar, Major Rigosso, Pluma Sodi, Krismo Sodi (Bounty)
Doctor Gubacher (Secret Weapons)
Queen Julia of Bardotta (The Disappeared)

Again, these are the ones that seem to be more important in the episodes. If they deserve stats or not is up to you.

18/May/2020 07:47:39 Posted by Freddy

I was going to take a break of a day or so between each of the comic series, but instead I'm going to work my way through the first batch of missing stats you've found.
Then I'll do "Fall of the Sith Empire", and work my way through this second batch you've found.
And I'll keep on working that way if (when) you find more that's missing.

Great work, much appreciated.

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