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09/May/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Visitor Xain Arke was good enough to point out some Clone Wars stats that I totally failed to cover during my time working through the seven seasons, so today I'd like to present, Talzin (Dathomirian Witch), Zatt (Nautolan Youngling), Clone Commander Doom, & Tiplee (Mikkian Jedi Master) all added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.

        And honestly truly many thanks to him for pointing out these ones I missed. I really can't believe I never covered Talzin before, how on earth did I miss her?
        So, if you spot anything I've not covered, then let me know, it's really appreciated. As is any feedback on the stats I add, sometimes I totally miss things when I'm doing these, and forget the time a character was swimming, so definitely should have Swimming skill, or that force power someone used that one time, so they should have it. I'm far from perfect, and sometimes make characters too powerful, or too weak, so really appreciate any feedback, as it all improves the site, something I'm always striving to do.

        Anyway, back tomorrow with more Tales of the Jedi stuff.


Comments made about this Article!

19/May/2020 08:02:14 Posted by Freddy

Working through the list today, and found

Cham Syndulla:
Wullf Yularen

Were already on the site. I know it's their Rebels era stats, but I don't feel too much would have changed as both were already mature during Clone Wars.

04/Jun/2020 08:44:39 Posted by Freddy

Wow, so many characters I missed.
I know I was pretty busy with two jobs when I was doing Clone Wars, but still, wow I missed so many.

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