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21/May/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Well, I'd intended to finish off the first batch of missing Clone Wars characters today, but these characters are taking longer than expected as some of them are so minor I'm really having to reach for what characteristics make them individuals (and I'm probably getting a whole load wrong). So here's a bunch for today and I'll do the last ones tomorrow (which suits as I've got a lot going on tomorrow, so could do with just having a smaller workload from the site.
        Anyway, from Season 2 Episode 1: Holocron Heist I've added Cato Parasitti (Clawdite Bounty Hunter).
        From Season 2 Episode 17: Bounty Hunters, I've added Rumi Paramita (Frenk Bounty Hunter), & Sugi (Zabrak Bounty Hunter).
        From Season 2 Episode 18: The Zillo Beast, I've added Nakha Urus (Dug Doge), & Doctor Sionver Boll (Bivali Scientist).
        And finally today, from Season 2 Episode 10: The Deserter I've added Suu Lawquane (Twilek Homesteader), & Cut Lawquane (ex-Clonetrooper) all to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.


PS, love this picture from The Deserter.


Comments made about this Article!

21/May/2020 11:38:46 Posted by xain arke

(Guilty Expression) Sorry about the extra work, Freddy.

Any of these you have statted are awesome, but don't feel obliged to do them at all

22/May/2020 07:55:08 Posted by

Don't feel guilty, I do want the site to be as near a complete record as possible, and I was working two Job's when I was working through some sections of Clone Wars, so wasn't being as complete as I'd hoped, so your help is very much welcome.

Onto Fall of the Sith Empire tomorrow though.

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