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16/July/2020 Posted by Freddy

        And I'm back with the next part of The Tales of the Jedi, The Sith War 1: Edge of the Whirlwind. And today I've added Wall of Light to the Star Wars D/6 The Force Section, Odan-Urr (as of 4000 bby) & Rooks (Human Krath Captain) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, Basiliskans Kyramud-type Battleship, Mandalorian Shaadlar-type Troopship, Koros Spaceworks Supremacy-class Attack Ship, & Atomic Compression Bomb to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, Kuar, & Foerost to the Star Wars D/6 Planets & Places Section, & finally, Mythosaur axe to the Star Wars D/6 Weapons Section of the Site.
        Internet problems held me back this morning while doing these, but Wall of Light took the most time to do, as I'm not sure about how balanced the power is, as I've got a feeling that it's overpowered and doesn't simulate what we saw happen in the comics. In play it essentially cancels an amount of a Sith's force skills equivalent to the Jedi who is using the power, but takes that Jedi out of the combat completely, so the Sith can still act normally, although in pain. This means that a Sith could still hack a Jedi apart in one on one combat, as the Jedi would be defenceless when using this power, but in a group of Jedi against a Single Sith, it would allow them to neutralise a portion of a powerful Sith's abilities.
        Anyway, have a read and let me know what you think. It feels like it could be a useful ability in a Campaign against a Palpatine level Sith, but I wouldn't want it to allow groups of Jedi to wipe out Sith without any real effort (a number of Jedi Neutralise his powers, while one last Jedi pops in and cuts his head off while he can't use the Force to defend himself).
        Oh, I've also left it deliberately vague as to how Force Points would affect use of this power, would a Sith using a force point be able to shrug off most of its effects? Would a Jedi using a force point overwhelm the Sith and cut him off from the force completely?


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