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01/April/2021 Posted by Freddy

        Well as promised, I'm back on 1st of April for some stupidity. As I've stated before I think that April Fools are usually a bit mean spirited, and I've never been a fan of them (hell it's in the name that they're trying to make you appear a fool). So instead here on I tend to be silly instead, adding some stupid stuff.
        So today we've added the Kuat Drive Yards All Terrain Armored Conveyance (AT-AC) and the Kuat Drive Yards All Terrain Rapid Deployment Armored Transport (ATR-DAT) to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles Section of the Site. And now I get to spend the rest of the year explaining to people how they're not supposed to be sensible additions to the site.

        Now I'm still not decided on what I want to come back and start going through (although I should have a new High Republic to cover in a few days), but I'm thinking about working my way through the Star Wars: Squadrons game. The modifiable Fighters I think would make an interesting addition to the game, allowing the recognisable fighters of the Imperial Era some options, so players could choose customised X-Wings more suited to their skillset, and not every Tie Fighter they face would be exactly the same. These would essentially be the same fighters we're familiar with, but with options for faster speed, tougher armour, etc.
        Doing Squadrons would also have the advantage of being fairly brief, and there wouldn't be an absolute mass of things to add each day.

        Anyway, back soon, no matter what I decide, and enjoy the rest of your April the 1st.


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