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Kvag Gthull (Human Dark Side Adept / Interrogator)

Kvag Gthull (Human Dark Side Adept / Interrogator)
Boles Roor (Sneevel Pod Racer / Glimmik Performer)

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Rur View Update

12/July/2021 Posted by Freddy

        And we're back onto the Vader comic series, and into the second story arc, with Darth Vader: Issue 6: Into the Fire Part I: The Punishment. And today we've added Mustafar to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section, & Captain Lorth Needa (Human Imperial Officer) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.
        Now, it must be noted that some of the pages on the site are getting a little long, (for example, today's Mustafar page) and that's causing the PDF renderer to run out of memory when you try to download the page as a PDF. Now, I'll try to rewrite the renderer to get around this (it was originally created for another project and was easy to slip into the site, so was never really intended for the load that it's under), but in the meantime, there's nothing much I can do about this for the moment.


Comments made about this Article!

16/Jul/2021 04:09:25 Posted by GMOverkill

Fully understood and appreciated. When this is fixed, will you make a comment about it or how will you announce it?

16/Jul/2021 05:40:27 Posted by Freddy

Yep, I'll announce it.
Actually, now it's in my head to do it, there's a couple of other upgrades to the site I've been considering, so I may take a few days off the normal updates to write code and get all of these done.


16/Jul/2021 13:02:17 Posted by GMOverkill

Sounds great. Thank you very much.

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