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Yamrii View Update

30/August/2021 Posted by Freddy

        And as we reach the penultimate episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 1 with Episode 15: Return to Kamino we're got a couple of additions to the site based on it, Admiral Rampart (Human Imperial Officer) who we've added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section, & Kamino which we've added to the Star Wars D/6 Planets & Places Section of the Site.


Comments made about this Article!

31/Aug/2021 22:25:14 Posted by David Gipe

Was wondering about the Bolt Reflector/Re-energizer that was used to bank the blaster bolt around and through people.? Was wondering it had been stated under a different name. I'd imagine its rather expensive in material, maybe even grades of the item allow for variable amount of energized reflections.

As an aside I've been enjoying the reviews, have fun Freddy!

04/Sep/2021 07:17:05 Posted by Freddy

Are you thinking of the section in the training room? Or am I blanking on something else?

I kind of took that as just an aspect of the room, where it's designed to be blaster reflective and resistant so people can train in it. So if I was gamesmastering it, I'd just take it like a multiple action, so he would roll separately to hit each target, but was only firing once and reflecting the bolt off different surfaces.

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