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Scrap rat

Scrap rat View Update

28/September/2021 Posted by Freddy

PDF Generator Update

        I've re-enabled the PDF Generator script for pages, as well as updating the code. I've limited the execution time of the page, so if the server is at capacity the PDF may time out. And I've added a no-follow to the link to stop Search Engines trying to index those pages (which should reduce load on the server).
        I'll be monitoring what happens, and if the server gets knocked off again, I'm afraid I'll have to disable this functionality again until I come up with a better fix.


Comments made about this Article!

28/Sep/2021 21:37:59 Posted by GMOverkill

Thank you, high webmaster! It works perfectly & hopefully the server continues it's great job!
As always, you have my eternal gratitude for your wonderful creations.
Friendly greetings, GMOverkill.

29/Sep/2021 17:25:44 Posted by catsi563

Freddy you might want to check the site funny thing i can comment now but for some reason the scroll on the site is now borqued in some fashion its very slow scroll via mouse wheel and page down buttons

29/Sep/2021 20:14:01 Posted by GMOverkill

catsi563, I don't think it's the site. For me the scrolling works just fine & there is no lagging.
Friendly greetings, GMOverkill.

30/Sep/2021 06:05:41 Posted by Freddy

Its something to do with the scrolling area at the side of the page. If you move your mouse point over it, it stops moving and scrolling resumes working to normality.
I never made any change to that during my modifications the last couple of days, so no idea what's happening, but I'll be looking into it today.

30/Sep/2021 17:51:07 Posted by Catsi563

crazy enough the problem seems to have resolved itself so its not happening now

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