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Trif View Update

28/September/2021 Posted by Freddy

PDF Generator Update

        I've re-enabled the PDF Generator script for pages, as well as updating the code. I've limited the execution time of the page, so if the server is at capacity the PDF may time out. And I've added a no-follow to the link to stop Search Engines trying to index those pages (which should reduce load on the server).
        I'll be monitoring what happens, and if the server gets knocked off again, I'm afraid I'll have to disable this functionality again until I come up with a better fix.


Comments made about this Article!

30/Sep/2021 19:04:42 Posted by Freddy

Told you I'd be looking into it today.
The problem was the code running the scrolling area in the side menu was running 100 times a second moving the scroll 1 pixel each time. The update to Chrome, made that interrupt the scroll-wheel 100 times a second as well, making it slow as all hell.
So instead I made the scrollable area run every 3 seconds, but move the area 300 pixels (the width of one of the sections) with a smooth scroll effect. Basically works the same, but it moves between the sections instead of just scrolling, and only interrupts the scroll-wheel once every 3 seconds, which is un-noticeable.

So, fixed.

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