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Vill Goir (Human Dark Side Adept) View Update

31/August/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, for those who are keen viewers of the right hand side of the screen, you'll have noticed the addition of the "Staff" panel, which has two names on it.
        Basically what I'm trying to say is that it's my very great pleasure to announce that HellStormer, who has been producing so many magnificent additions to the site lately is now the Co-Administrator of the site.
        When I relaunched, my job was stable and had been for a while, and my kids had gotten out of the extremely needy phase of their lives so I thought I'd be able to start doing updates to the site. I've never been great at time management, but I decided to make a go of it, and planned my time, putting aside a couple of hours each week (supposedly a Tuesday night) to work on However, life is never straightforwards, there have been some tough times over the last year, with both of my parents being treated for cancers, changes in my working life which involves longer days, etc, etc. And always the first to give is my non-demanding hobby (although playing RPG's is also a hobby, the guys I game with would complain if I started skipping a lot of games). The updates to RPGGamer slip by, and nothing demands attention about them, which isn't what the site deserves.
        So, I thought that asking someone to take on some of the burden of the site, and instantly the person who'd been doing far more to keeping the site going than I had been doing lately, HellStormer, sprang to mind. I asked, and very kindly he's agreed to come on board and help around.
        Now, this isn't going to be a dramatic change, and I'm not going away (actually, I'm hoping that my sense of rivalry will force me to do more and better work rather than see someone else making a better show of running my site than I've ever done). HellStormer will be making his own additions to the site, keeping an eye on things to make sure that spam doesn't overflow and mess the place up too much, and we're going to do our best to keep the site going onto bigger and better things.
        Anyway, enough from me, I'll shut up, and I'm sure HellStormer will introduce himself at some point once he's comfortable with the site's admin menu.

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