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Sabertooth (Large Feline Predator)

Sabertooth (Large Feline Predator)
Marcus Speedstar

Marcus Speedstar
Corporal Serchill Rostok {Rostok the Rock} (Human Rebel Sniper)

Corporal Serchill Rostok {Rostok the Rock} (Human Rebel Sniper) View Update

04/February/2022 Posted by Freddy

        Reaching the "G"s as we move through the characters of Revenge of the Sith, today we've added Melik Galerha (Human Jedi Knight), Galle - CT-6734 (Human Clone Trooper), Janu Godalhi (Human Constable, Historian, and Rebel), Grakchawwaa (Wookiee King), Guanta (Wookiee Soldier), Aruteous (Rute) Gunnay (Neimoidian Aide), & Ottegru Grey (Bank Investigator/Bodyguard) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.
        There a couple of really interesting characters, Ottegru Grey & Janu Godlhi (portrayed by D6 author and all round super knowledgable and nice Star Wars guy Pablo Hidalgo) are both investigators of their own kind, which would make interesting additions to any prequel era campaign should their investigations cross with the players. But we've also got the fattest Wookiee I've ever seen in Grakchawwaa, and the worst moustache in Star Wars history (and there's a lot of competition if you remember the Rebels in a New Hope and Rogue One) on the face of otherwise unremarkable Jedi Melik Galerha. He's either setting a trend of his own, or he's grossly misguided in his shaving.


Comments made about this Article!

04/Feb/2022 19:32:52 Posted by Hellstormer1

Freddy? Wasn't the site actually under 7,000 entries just a month or two ago? Dude, you are cranking stuff out! I mean, WOW!

05/Feb/2022 16:46:02 Posted by Freddy

Nahh, it's taken just over a year to get from 7000 to 8000. But the push to cover everything in the Prequels has jumped the figure up massively, probably 2 or 3 hundred in the last couple of months.

It's weird, it's totally wearing me out doing so many stats each day, but every time I try to do less, there's a piece of me going "No, you must get ALL of these done."

06/Feb/2022 06:25:46 Posted by GMOverkill

Take it easy. There's no need for you exhaust yourself. We fans can easily wait if you need to take a breather. Look after your own health first.
Friendly greetings,

11/Feb/2022 10:39:48 Posted by Hellstormer1

Agreed with GM. Health first. And if you keep speeding up and stat out all the stuff, what will be left? Take some time to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the journey not the end goal, that kinda thing.

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