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05/April/2022 Posted by Freddy

        Okay, so I'm back and somewhat healthy, and even though it's late in the day I'm starting my completionist efforts with Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. And today I'm starting with some of the different species from the movie, as the cantina scene is packed with loads of interesting species.
        Now I'm aware a bunch of these were covered in the original West End Games books, but my thoughts are some of them were terribly balanced, so I've made an effort to balance them out a bit more with everyone getting pretty much the same amount of Attributes. So today I've added the Anzati, Bimm, Brizzit, Defel, Devaronian, & Duros to the Star Wars D/6 Species Section of the Site.
        The Anzati aren't from anything offical beyond an issue of Star Wars Gamer, and REUP, but are a mess of balance issues, having 14D attribute dice (+2D above everyone else), virtual immortality, the ability to permanently drain attribute dice from victims, a bonus to tracking, an effect mind ability, a bonus to stealth, and higher attribute maximums across the board, without any disadvantage. In an attempt to balance this, I've given them a whopper of a disadvantage, as their background mentions that they have difficulty becoming experts at anything as they just lose interest. So they now stand pretty much a 50/50 chance of just losing their experience when attempting to spend it. I thought this was an interesting way of dealing with a potentially overpowered race, however perhaps this is fixing the problem at the wrong end, as they will begin play extremely powerful, and be penalised as time goes on. Let me know your thoughts about this, or whether I should have just lowered their abilities to bring them into balance that way?

        There's some really interesting races to cover in A New Hope, and I've been really enthused while reading up on them, hope I can do them justice.


Comments made about this Article!

07/Apr/2022 01:40:10 Posted by Vaughn99

You mentioned "as their background mentions that they have difficulty becoming experts at anything as they just lose interest." losing character points would be a first as a negative. I would say that there skills have a MAX (?)D assigned or they can't take part in (A) advanced skills items or they can only have so many skills at a time, if someone has grenade at 5D but they want add Repulsorlift operations they loose the grenade skill and can work on Repulsorlift Operations at normal purchase costs and upgrading, or to really stymie the character since they are not focused it costs double the charters points to move there skills up. Lastly after a certain amount of time every skill they have above the base attribute if not used to show losing interest the skill drops -1 pip. this would keep specific classes focused on whats important.


07/Apr/2022 02:45:57 Posted by GMOverkill

This is a great going-through. As for the Anzati, I don't really care about "balance" since some species are just stronger than others. Now, not to be a nag, but the entry for the Bith species has some kind of glitch in it that makes it unable to download (error code: 500) which is annoying since they are such an iconic OT species. Otherwise -- go forward my good man! Amaze us dear webmaster!
Friendly greetings,

07/Apr/2022 12:23:23 Posted by Freddy

There's the Bith fixed. There was a malformed HTML tag in the text, which throws the PDF script off.


07/Apr/2022 12:42:58 Posted by asikari

While in "reality," some species may be stronger than others, it means in an open game, players will pick the strongest species they can.

Case in point - I have been involved in a D&D game touted as "low magic" where most of the players weren't capable of using magic. If the players see an advantage, they will gravitate to it.

See my comment on the Azanti page.

08/Apr/2022 12:48:38 Posted by asikari

Sorry - edit - I haven't been in a D&D campaign touted as "low magic" where a majority of the PCs weren't capable of using magic.

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