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Ootoo View Update

15/November/2009 Posted by HellStormer1

   Hello everyone!  My apologies again for being late on posting things.  While i have been jotting down notes whenever I can, it is getting rediculously difficult to get time on a PC.  But nevertheless, i have some goodies for you!

   Today I have the pleasure of posting material from Space Pirate Captain Harlock, a very popular animated series from Japan, which is related to Space Battleship Yamato, The Queen Emeraldas, Galaxy Express 999, and many other animated series and manga comics spun off or recreated from the same source material.  While continuity in these stories may get confusing (UGH!  Headache!), they are nonetheless intersting and very cool, and i highly recommend them to any anime fan.

   Here today is the Arcadia (Blue) , Arcadia (Green) , Spacewolf Fighter Mk. I , Spacewolf Fighter Mk. II , and the Spacewolf Fighter Mk. III .

   With the Spacewolf fighters, I simply took the different designs on the same fighter from different showings throughout the continuity and used them as different redesigns as later models of the fighter, kind of like the Z-95 headhunters.  I hope everyone enjoys these, and more coming real soon!

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