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27/November/2009 Posted by HellStormer1

   Hello everyone, hellstormer1 here.  So, does anyone out there remember this old quote???

   "Greetings, Starfighter.  You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Kodan armada."


   This year, they released the 25th anniversary edition DVD of The Last Starfighter, a 1984 sci-fi film that told the story of a young man who got to live every gamer and sci-fi lovers dream, taking an advanced space ship to the stars to fight bad guys and save the day.  While it was a simple story, it had many subtle details that could be built upon for future development, such as an enemy only showing a small portion of itself, the main bad guy getting away, and the need to rebuild a force of heroes to defend the Star League after near-annihilation.

   Using modern CG, the film's details were highlighted, keeping the original appearance, but making it stand out more while watching the film.  The Last Starfighter was one of the first films to use computer generated imaging, and it is even debated whether or not it came before Tron in some circles but was released later.

   In honor of this years re-release of the film, a personal fave of mine as well, I have new stats for the site and for the pleausre of patrons to the site.  Today I post Kodan Command Ship, Kodan Space Fighter, Xurian Ship, Star League Gunstar Prototype, Star League Gunstar and The Starcar to the site, and hopefully fans will enjoy using these in their future games!

   Also, fans out there may want to know that the internet is a buzz with many a rumor of a Last Starfighter sequel film, either being a remake or a tale of the son of the protagonist from the first film.  The rumors have been sparkled with enough truth to keep hope alive, as all posts online point to George Paige and Associates, a film company known for doing many low-budget works in the past.  They have officially posted on their sites on their project lists a Last Starfighter movie.  While their history is known to not be big budget, rumors also have it that several big companies are getting involved, which could also be explained by Loromar's selling of their company and rights to several others and ceasing to exist, apparently leaving different people holding the bag in the end.  While i would rather pass on speculating on Loromar and their history, if such were true, then it would explain why different groups would be brought together for making a new film on The Last Starfighter.

   Either way, I am hoping for a new film, and would enjoy seeing a sequel that continuesthe original story.  The ending left off with a defeated Kodan armada but an entire empire that could follow up the invasion, a breached Frontier barrier field that would leave Rylos and the Star League vulnerable to attack, the need to rebuild the League's main fighting force of Starfighters and their gunstars, and also the fact the Xur, the reason behind the events of the first film, escaped like any good megalomaniacal villain to cause havoc again later on.

   Oh yeah, better make that movie!

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