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05/August/2023 Posted by Freddy

        And onto another episode, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures: Season 1: Story 10: Creature Safari, now with less than 3 weeks to go until Ahsoka, but we're only 4 episodes from the end of the season, so it looks like timewise it's going to work out nicely. Anyway this episode shows how well the series has established itself and knows what it's trying to do each episode already.


Comments made about this Article!

05/Aug/2023 12:54:02 Posted by

Some new episodes are coming out. They'll be shown on TV next Friday, but they might be available on the Disney app right now.

06/Aug/2023 08:41:55 Posted by Freddy

Thanks for letting me know about this, I went and had a read up, and apparently the first season of Young Jedi Adventures will have more and more episodes released until it eventually reaches a 25 episode season. Remembering that each episode has two stories, that means that I'll eventually have 50 Stories to review and cover on here.
I think I'll just cover the first batch for the moment, and move onto Ahsoka after that, but given Ahsoka is going to be releasing episodes weekly, I may just switch between the two as we wait for more episodes to be released.

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