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07/October/2023 Posted by HellStormer1

A Legacy of Starships, Part 1

Once upon a time in 2001, I came across a magazine. Star Wars Gamer magazine issue #2, published in February 2001. Though I found it not too long after this time as a back issue. I skimmed through it, and found an article that caught my eye, grabbing my attention and not letting it go. "A Legacy of Starships". You see, I love my starships. Love them. And this article? It was my thing. I purchased this mag, looked it over repeatedly, couldn't put it down. My very first D6 stat conversion came from this magazine, converting the YZ-775 transport from early D20 to D6, then modifying it into the Gunstar Nova II. That ship has a troubled history, yet it is a personal favorite and means a lot to me due to how it opened the doorway to me making write-ups, many-many-MANY of which have appeared here on this web site...sight? making Freddy's acquaintance back in 2008-ish. I am slowly working on remaking that ship, and it will show up here in one form or another some day when it is ready. Until then, I have wanted to convert A Legacy of Starships as a whole for a very long time. The past 22 years, actually. And it was about time I did so. Sorry for that. Better late than never? But my reason is, I wanted to share these ships with the world and hope people get into these ships just like I did. I hope you all love them and find a favorite that becomes your personal hero ship in many games to come as you fly all over the galaxy. I also wanted to get some practice getting back into write-ups and conversions as I finally rebuild the Gunstar Nova II and share it with all of you as well.

So, without further adieu, I give you A Legacy of Starships, D6 style....Part 1. The first half of the ships, 6 of the 12, are presented here today. I am still working on the other 6. They'll get done, just give me time, please. I hope you enjoy these awesome ships...
The Aeon Ranger (Corellian Engineering Corporation YG-4210)
Corellian Engineering Corporation YU-410 Light Freighter
The Courageous (Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300)
Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1760 Small Transport
Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-100 Transport
The Emerald Lance (Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-330)

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