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Corellian Engineering Corporation IGV-55 surveillance vessel

Corellian Engineering Corporation IGV-55 surveillance vessel
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Ry Ki-Sakka (Human Jedi GrandMaster)

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11/October/2023 Posted by HellStormer1

A Legacy of Starships, Finale

Here are the last of the starships from A Legacy of Starships.
Corellian Engineering Corporation VCX-350 Light Freighter
Corellian Engineering Corporation VCX-700 Heavy Courier
Corellian Engineering Corporation VCX-820 Escort Freighter
Every time I see these ships, they make mind wander and wonder, and get ideas. One I got to do something with a while back. Here, I took some of these that were named and made "stock" versions of them. One exception was this one though...
Corellian Engineering Corporation VCX-820A Assault Ship I looked over the 820, read over its details, I realized it had just enough room to modify and upgrade it into some kind of heavy fighter, assault ship, super fighter....not sure what phrase fits, but I'd love to play a game and make this my starfighter/bomber/hero ship. So I put my thoughts into separate write-up and shared it here to see if anyone would like that too.
Later, I might do some equipment in the Starships D6 Equipment section, of various components from these ships. Some of these write-ups had some notes near the bottom for such things, but I also like having these in lists for buying guides, ya know? We'll see.
Any who, thoughts on these are welcome, feel free to leave thoughts in the comments.

Comments made about this Article!

12/Oct/2023 10:04:06 Posted by GMOverkill

Thank you so very much!! These are wonderful additions to my campaigns. As I'm rubbish myself at converting between Star Wars D20 to Star Wars D6, these are a great addition.

Friendly greetings,

12/Oct/2023 11:25:02 Posted by Hellstormer1

You're welcome! Glad you enjoy them. Yeah, converting stuff, some of it goes direct and simple, other details can be guess work.

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