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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: TransportEra: New RepublicCanon: No


* See below for more information.

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation VCX-820A
Type: Assault ship/heavy fighter
Scale: Starfighter
-Length: 20.2m
Skill: Space Transports
Crew: 1-2
-Gunners: 0-1
-Skeleton: 1/+0
Crew Skill: As per players' skills
Passengers: None
Cargo Capacity: 103 metric ton
Consumables: 6 months
Cost: 511,500 (new); 356,500 (used)
Hyperdrive: x1* (Backup: x12)
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 2D
-Space: 8
-Atmosphere: 365; 1,050kmh
Hull: 5D
-Shields: 6D*
-Passive: 25/1D
-Scan: 50/1D+2
-Search: 75/2D+1
-Focus: 4/3D+1

   2 Twin Heavy Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked)*
      Location: Mid Hull Sides
      Fire Arc: Front
      Crew: 1 (Pilot)
      Skill: Starship Gunnery
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 2D
      -Space: 1-3/12/25
      -Atmosphere: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
      Damage: 7D
      Rate Of Fire: 1

   Twin Heavy Laser Cannon
      Location: Aft Hull Behind Cockpit
      Fire Arc: Back
      Crew: 1
      Skill: Starship Gunnery
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 2D
      -Space: 1-3/12/25
      -Atmosphere: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
      Damage: 6D
      Rate Of Fire: 1

   8 Autoblasters (Fire-Linked)*
      Location: Front Mandible Tips
      Fire Arc: Front
      Crew: 1 (Pilot)
      Skill: Starship Gunnery
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 3D
      -Space: 1-5/10/17
      -Atmosphere: 100-500/1/1.7km
      Damage: 6D
      Rate Of Fire: 1

   2 High Yield Proton Torpedo Launchers (Fire-Linked)*
      Location: Lower Hull
      Fire Arc: Front
      Crew: 1 (Pilot)
      Skill: Starship Gunnery
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 1D
      -Space: 1/3/7
      -Atmosphere: 100/300/700
      Speed: 7*
      Damage: 11D*
      Ammo: 16 torpedoes
      Rate Of Fire: 1


VCX-820 Escort Freighter

   The VCX-820 escort freighter was rushed into production just as the threat from the Yuuzhan Vong came to light in the New Jedi Order era.  Calling the VCX-820 an "escort freighter" is an effort to admit to this ship's military purpose without labeling it as a warship.  The VCX-820 has very little value as a transport of any kind.  However, it is very heavily armed, and is capable of protecting several other freighters it travels with.  Unlike many armed freighters the VCX-820 is built to military specifications, and can sustain long-term fighting.  Originally conceived as a ship to operate near the Imperial Remnant*, the sudden conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong has made this ship a very hot item.  With the Fringe regions suddenly under attack from outside the galaxy and New Republic forces too busy protecting the Core Worlds to worry about piracy, it has become important that merchant convoys be able to defend themselves.  While many modern freighters are fairly well armed, numerous older ships need a strong escort.  The VCX-820 is a popular ship for that role, though it remains to be seen if it continues to be popular during less turbulent times.

VCX-820A Assault Ship

   Where the 820 was created for defense and reactive combat, the 820A was built with more aggressive combat in mind.  With weapon and ship controls simplified and a touch of automation, a single pilot can now operate this variant of the VCX-820 by themselves without the need of a crew (though a second crew/passenger would still be handy to use the tail gun).   With the escalation of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the New Republic, and later Galactic Alliance, are in need of the toughest ships they can get their hands on to bring the fight to the invaders from beyond the galactic rim.  And the VCX-820A is ready to fill this role.

   Where the VCX-820 was a civilian ship built to military grade, the 820A is built for use by the military specifically.  As such, permits need to be acquired by civilian owners and operators to own and use these assault ships.  While gaining these during the New Jedi Order era is easy due to the desperation of the Yuuzhan Vong War, more peaceful times may prove more difficult to own and operate such a powerful small ship.


   After the Yuuzhan Vong War began, it began to drag on with no end in sight.  Temporarily entering a lull in the conflict, many concerned parties knew it was only a matter of time before the fighting began again.  Having sold the VCX-820 Escort Freighter to first interested parties near the Imperial Remnant worried that the Empire would someday make a push for conquest again, then later to the Remnant itself after they became allies to the New Republic, forward thinkers at C.E.C. wondered if their current line of ships would be enough to turn the tide.

   In the name of saving lives, and making hefty profits during wartime, they wisely decided no, and went to work on making new designs, or improving what they already had.

   As the VCX series was among their newest ships and had similar adaptabilit to the older YT series, this was where they first began to look for improvement.  The 820 escort freighters had proven themselves wonderfully adequate in the role of defending convoys against pirates and raiders, but by themselves were not the easiest to modify or upgrade.  It could be done, but onlyy by the most devoted of ship owners, pilots, and a handful of devoted pirate hunter companies and mercenaries.  Having heard the stories of some of these modified ships, these individuals were contacted during the lull in the war and offered lucrative contracts to bring their insights to the engineers at C.E.C. and work hand in hand to make a new offering to combat the uuzhan Vong.

   The result was the VCX-820A Assault Ship variant.  The cockpit was modified to be used by a single pilot, with the surrounding instrumentation looking more like that of a starfighter than a transport, all available options and controls within easy reach.  The controls were made somewhat simpler so a single pilot could operate the ship with ease.  The Twin Heavy Laser Cannons were locked in forward firing position and fire-linked, and the same was done with the autoblasters, making them surprisingly powerful as theyy poured on their short-ranged damage.

   The gunners were no longer needed as these weapons were now simplified and controlled directly by the pilot, so their quarters were stripped out, as well as their unneeded gunnery stations, consumables storage, and other nonessentials, making room for more open cargo space.  This made the ship ripe for installing upgrades.  But, truth be told, it didn't need much more.

   A second High-Yield Proton Torpedo Tube was installed to give the 820A even more bite.  The Hyperdrive was replaced to a full military grade one with x1, and the sublight engines were upgraded with older and but still very useful Corellain Evader-GT Ion Drive.  This took what was an "escort freighter" that responded to threats and was built for defense, and transformed it into a hunter in the void that could take the fight to the enemy, keep up with most reletively "fast" ships, run them down, and potentiallyy deliver the killing blow.

   During testing, many of the involved staff who has experiences with the Rebel Alliance and their development of the famous B-Wing were heard saying that this ship is what the B-Wing was meant to be.  A heav starfighter that had the power to challenge even capital class ships.

   Some of the test pilots, manyy of whom were hired to share their modification experience to develop the 820A variant, were heard calling it a heavy fighter.  Some even began referring to it as a super fighter, THE super fighter.

   The VCX-820's hull was considered a freighter, but compared to most other freighters it was rather small, and didn't have much room inside of it without making alterations.  But compared to starfighters, the 820 wasn't too much bigger.  If anything, it seemed more like a fast bomber.  And while a bomber variant was on the drawing board during this time, a heavy starfighter 820 variant was first in line for development.

   When the uuzhan Vong War heated up again, 820A Assault Ships, or heavy fighters, made surprise appearances on fronts in various parts of the galaxy.  Especially in and around the Imperial Remnant, who were ready to purchase the stronger variants byy the dozen the moment theyy became available.  While the Remnant often wanted to protect their own part of the galaxy first and foremost, this did not stop them from assembling hunter squadrons of VCX-820As with some of their best pilots, and sending them out with small capital base ships for repair and resupply.  These hunter packs began racking up kill numbers of Yuuzhan Vong targets, who must have been shocked and surprised when these super fighters came on the scene, took more pounding than most other starfighters, and gave it back even harder.

   Not long after entering use by the Imperial Remnant, the New Republic (and later some elements of the Galactic Alliance), and other factions of the galaxy, variants of this variant began popping up as pilots and crew began making use of the additional cargo space.  Some installed extra weapons, others made creative use of tractor beams, others still installed various kinds of mine layers.  Some came with grapple arms attached to the forward mandibles, complete with various tools in them that could literally tear coralskippers apart.

   One interesting worthy mention was an 820A that had a powerful set of fire-linked tractor beams in the aft gunner turret, replacing the original twin heavy laser cannons.  The pilot would purposely lure coralskippers behind it, hit them with the beam, then using the powerful upgraded engines to force the skip into other coralskippers, causing a mess in space that the 820A was only too happy to clean up when it swung back around.

   If you want something mean, get a VCX-820 escort freighter.  But if you need something means, you get an 820A assault ship.  Built tough...Corellian tough!



   This ship was originally presented in the article "A Legac of Starships" in Star Wars Gamer magazine issue #2, by Owen K.C. Stephens, illustrated by Jeff Carlisle, and appeared early in Star Wars D20.  This is an attempt to convert it to Star Wars D6 using the D6 to D20 conversion rules presented in the back of the first Star Wars D20 rulebook.  I also use these sources to help with anything that does not convert directly: Galaxy Guide 6 Tramp Freighters; Pirates & Privateers; and the Starship Pricing guide (starship construction rules from the D20 Starships of the Galaxy converted back to D6); Other D6 ships and sources here and there for comparison, such as for sensors, weapons, speed, hull/shields, etc.

   Weapon Damage dice will be converted with the D6 to D20 coversion rules, but other traits such as range and Fire Control may be taken directly from Starship Pricing for simplicity, unless they need a more involved touch, then other sources may be listed in their write-up and stat block.


   If there is no bonus listed in the D20 rules, Maneuverability will be listed as 1D (militar ships will be listed as 2D).  If a bonus is listed, I am torn between making every +1 = 1D, or having every +2 = 1D.  To be safe, I will use the lower option, but GMs/players have the option to either increase this when using the ship, or modify it to be better after acquiring the ship.


   Star Wars D20's early books had something like Movement Speed categories (Cautious/Docking = 1/2 Speed; Cruising Speed = Normal Speed; High/Attack = x2 Speed; All-Out/Ramming = x4 Speed), but they never had a Speed number to go with the ship stat blocks, so all ships seemed to have the same speed.  A simple conversion is: Cautious = Space 2; Cruising = Space 4; High Speed = Space 6; and All-Out = Space 8 or higher.

Shield Generator (6D)

   The VCX-820A  Assault Shipuses the same shield generator as the 820 Escort Freighter.

   The VCX-820's shield generator is related to the technology used to make the shield generators for the YZ-775 medium transports sold during the Rise of the Empire era decades earlier, but more refined and compact, perfect for military grade ship designs.  After all, C.E.C. did create both ships.  If GMs/players wish to acquire this 6D shield generator for use in other ships or projects, it will cost 160,000 credits, perhaps more on the black market, though during the New Jedi Order era these ships and their related components sound like they became common enough).  They will also require 16 metric tons of Cargo Capacityy to install.

   Furthermore, if players wish to increase their VCX-820's Cargo Capacity, they could downgrade the shields to something less powerful, but still strong for civilian ships.


   The VCX-820A still has the mandibles from the 820 Escort Freighter.  These structures on the front sides of the ship look like they can move on some kind of round servos or something.  This could be used for anything from fitting the ship in tight docking/landing spaces, to latching onto cargo containers (which would help make up for its lack of cargo space), to perhaps being used to help the weapons aim at targets and be part of the fire control system.  Be creative in how you flavor these in your games.

Missile Speed

   If you are using traditional Star Wars D6 rules, just ignore this, it's no big deal.  However, if you want your missile weapons to work more like other scifi franchises, and/or a little IRL, then use this optional rule: When fired, the missile does not stop at space range 7.  Instead, it keeps traveling, using this range as the missile's Space Speed (and relevent Atmosphere Speed).  The missile keeps traveling in that direction at this speed (if it did not hit anything last round, like if the chaser was just out of range).  While this means missiles can be more useful, it also means moving targets like ships will have more time to figure out what to do against the incoming missile(s).

Proton Torpedo Launcher (Damage)

   When the original D20 rules Damage is converted as 10D.  GMs may wish to reduce this to the standard 9D for proton torpedoes in the D6 system, or explain this as some kind of high-yield warhead variant (which would cost more to replace).

   For the VCX-820A Assault Ship, the High Yield option is used.

Modification/Upgrade from VCX-820 to VCX-820A Heavy Fighter/Assault Ship

-Total = +61,500 credits, +126 metric tons (127 metric tons), -24 metric tons (103 metric tons).

-6 Crew/Gunners' Quarters  Removed: +10 metric tons each; +60 metric tons total.
-6 Gunnery Stations Removed: +5 metric tons each; +30 metric tons total.
-6 Gunner's Consumables Space Removed: +1 metric ton per month per person; +36 metric tons total.
= +126 metric tons.

-Cockpit modification:
--Conversion (Starfighter Cockpit Layout): Removed co-pilot seat, flight stick and consoles.  Detach and rearrange the pilot's same accoutrements, refurbished to function more like a starfighter cockpit.
--Automation (Crew Replacement): Control simplification as a starfighter cockpit, as well as automation, used to allow ship to be used less like a small space transport, and more like a heavy starfighter.  The result is negating the Skeleton Crew 1/+5 increased Difficulty to be 1/+0 (effectively Crew 1).  Costs 1,000 credits per +5 Difficulty per removed Crew member (1,000 credits).  This formula can be used to represent "droid automation" mentioned in other Star Wars material for reducing needed crew in various starships.  (NOTE: Removing the co-pilot seat may free up more space, but whether this has any effect on the ship's cargo space is left up to GMs/players for "flavor").
--Extra Location Weapon Control Linkage: Last but not least, the 2 side turret Twin Heavy Laser Cannons and 8 Autoblasters have additional control linkages installed allowing control from the cockpit (100 credits per weapon, 1,000 credits total (Galaxy Guide 6 Tramp Freighters)).

-Twin Heavy Laser Cannons: Fire-linked (7D, 200 credits), locked in forward firing position, linked to easy-to-use controls in the new cockpit.

-Autoblasters: Fire-linked (6D, 800 credits), locked in forward firing position, linked to easy-to-use controls in the new cockpit.

-Install (High Yield Proton Torpedo Launcher): 3,500 credits, 5 metric tons (Galaxy Guide 6 version, +4 torpedoes, +1,000 credits, +3 metric tons, for high yield warheads and extra torpedoes).

-Tail Gun Turret (Twin Heavy Laser Cannon): Left as is for use by extra crew member/passenger/droid.

-Install (Corellain Evader-GT Ion Drive): Space Speed 8, +50,000 credits, 16 metric tons.

-Uninstall (x2 Hyperdrive): 10,000 credits, 15 metric tons.

-Install (x1 Hyperdrive): 15,000 credits, 18 metric tons.

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Image copyright LucasArts.
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