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Force Skill: Focus

Force Skill: Focus
BB-17-J Labor droid

BB-17-J Labor droid

Rockhopper View Update

26/October/2023 Posted by HellStormer1

Outlaw Star, 2023 Update


Today I added an update to The Outlaw Star. A ship I added on here a while back, written up from an anime series of the same name. The older write-up I realized later was not very accurate. This one is more so, though if anyone notices something I missed, please let me know in the comments.
The Outlaw Star (HS1 2023 Update)
While the grappler arms and other bits are taken care of with some of the modifications/upgrades I added here over the past few weeks, as well as what is already found in Star Wars D6, from this ship I wrote out the Starship Assault Boarding Tube, thinking it'd be a nice addition to install in someone's hero ship. Furthermore, if anyone were interested in playing a Bioandroid similar to Melfina or Harry McDougal, we now have Bioandroid (Outlaw Star Melfina type). Not sure I'd call it a fully fleshed out species write-up, maybe more like guidelines. But with this, you can make a Bioandroid character that looks like most other species, in or out of Star Wars. While working on it and looking a species stat blocks in my rulebook, I saw and remembered "story factors", so....I had some fun writing some of these for this species, inspired by anime, scifi, comics, and...well, if you know, you know, and if you don't, it's mentioned here to enjoy. Another anime that came to mind while I was writing out the story factors is Armitage Polymatrix, and I think this might work for playing one of those androids too, with a little work from a GM.

What can I say? I love Outlaw Star, even after all this time...

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