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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Outlaw StarSubtype: Player Character RacesEra: Toward Stars EraCanon: Crossover


* See below for more information

Attribute Dice: 12D (18D)
Dexterity: 1D/5D
Knowledge: 1D/5D
Mechanical: 1D/5D
Perception: 1D/5D
Strength: 1D/5D
Technical: 1D/5D

Special Abilities: As per emulated species or other source.*

Story Factors:

-Unknown Origin: You have no idea where you come from.  While you seem to be made of flesh and blood, there are many aspects of your being that are synthetic, artificial, or "mechanical" in nature.  You have knowledge and information that feels like that of a computer program in your mind and you can perform very specific functions and tasks with the utmost precision, yet you struggle to be a part of any group or community.  When receiving medical exams, medical experts either say your DNA matches no known member of the species you look like, or that your skin flesh and blood only looks like these and is, in fact, not real flesh and blood, revealing your artificially created nature.  Not knowing where you come from, you travel the space lanes seeking your origins and the one who made you, as well as what purpose you were made for, while trying to figure out what you want and where you want to go and what you want to do in the process.

-Man And Machine: Created to be a bridge between flesh and machine, sentient species and droids, or perhaps meant as a "next evolution" of a species you were created to look like.  Do you embrace this purpose, or rebel against it?  Were you meant to bridge the gap and promote peace, or meant as a tool for subversion and manipulation, and therefor run from your intended purpose?

-Hatred (Machines): You wish to be a part of the community, but their hatred against machines makes you cautious.  While you look like a member of society, it would only take one simple medical scan to reveal that you are not one of them.  After seeing what the people have done to droids they blame for the hard times afflicting this society, you do whatever you must to hide your true nature.

-Hatred (Biologicals): You were made by living people and, for whatever reason from cruelty against you from being treated as a lab experiment, to playing an annoying song way too often while they created and trained you, you have come to some, most, or all biological species.  You may even seek their complete eradication, perhaps even wishing to capture or create your own Death Star or other superweapon to rid the galaxy of the annoyances that are flesh-and-blood sentient beings.

-Hatred (Creator): Your creator made you.  Then treated you like an animal.  Or threw you out into the world like trash.  Or maybe even tried to "unmake" you.  Whatever it was that your creator did, you have a deep seated hatred for them, and perhaps want to kill them.  Your creator may even be a mad scientist who has plans that threaten all sentient biological life in the galaxy, and only you can stop them.

-I Am The Creator: While created by someone, your origins are less of a priority than trying to figure out what YOU wish to make.  Whether it is starships, weapons, other cool technological devices, or art, architecture, social engineering, or world-killing superweapons, you have a strong desire to make something.  Perhaps you wish to create more of yourself so you are no longer unique and therefor alone in the galaxy?  Or maybe you'd like to take this further and replace all sentients with more Bioandroids like yourself?

-Likeness Of A Hero: You do or do not know who you are or who made you.  But what you do know for certain is that you were made in the likeness of a great and well respected hero.  Whenever you appear people recognize your face and praise you.  Unfortunately you are not this hero, and act nothing like them.  But do you tell people this and risk their negativity and disappointment?  Or do you use this to your advantage to make life better for yourself?

-Likeness Of A Villain: You had no control over your creation, but you wish to be the best you can be now that you exist.  Unfortunately, your creator made you with the linkeness of a well known tyrant who tried to take over the galaxy, and people can't help but stare in fear or attack in anger whenever they see you.  And explaining the situation rarely ever seems to help.  What's a lone Bioandroid to do in a galaxy that can't stand to look at you?

-One Of The Crew: While your origins are cloudy, since awakening for the first time you were lucky the first people you saw have been good friends.  You don't know what you would have done without them.  Since becoming part of the team, you have become irreplaceable, not only as a functioning member of the crew, but as a friend and confidante that the team would never want to be without.  While you help your friends and teammates with their issues, the time will eventually come where you call on them to help you find where you came from.  Or to go shopping for the next fashionable dress, which your captain dredges doing.  But they will since you mean so much to them, will ask nicely enough, and have helped save the ship and crew on multiple occasions and the crew now owes you one or fice.

Move: As per emulated species.
Size: As per emulated species.

   If players wish to make a bioandroid character like Melfina from Outlaw Star, the following tips should help.

   The player will have 18D in Attributes like standard for Star Wars characters and will distribute these in what Attributes they wish.  Unlike Star Wars, there is no species minimum/maximum on where these can be placed (GMs may however wish to cap this so it doesn't get crazy, recommended at 1D - 5D).  (NPCs will still have vthe standard 12D unless GMs wish to make something special for the players)

   Bioandroids are made to look like a recognizable species (such as humans in Melfina's case) and perhaps even have Attributes and physiques very similar to the species they are made to emulate.  However, unlike droids, Bioandroids are still flesh and blood, if artificially created, and do not have technological components made of metals or plastics like droids do.  For the most part Bioandroids are the species they were made to look like, but are made to be whatever age they are created as and do not have the luxury of a childhood and the memories and experiences that come from this.  Due to being artificially created life forms, this can be traumatizing for a Bioandroid awakening for the first time, as they have the memories and information they were programmed with to perform whatever task they were made for, but nothing else to help them make informed decisions (GMs/players can change this if they desire, as this statement is only meant to reflect how Melfina acted when first awakened).

   Bioandroids are given Skill Dice like any other character, can take Advantages/Disadvantages like other characters, and if the GM allows it, can even be Force Sensitive and have Force Skills and Powers.  Beyond this, their character traits will be the same as whatever species they are made to look like (Movement, character points, special abilities, etc).

   GMs and players could have such a character instead "lack" known special abilities for a species, which would make them an oddity among that species and harder to "fit in", but also creating possible plot devices for such characters to develop during a campaign.

   Beyond all this, if wanting to give Bioandroid characters new special abilities, such as Melfina's ability to link with the Outlaw Star, enhance its Sensors, as well as allowing it to navigate the Galactic Leyline, the easiest way to do this would be with the Advantage/Disadvantage rules that have been a fan-made staple of Star Wars D6 for a long time now.  GMs could just grant these abilities as "species special abilities", but the Ad/Dis rules make this more balanced for a Player Character.

(Example: for Melfina and the Outlaw Star ship, this is how the Sensor enhancement would work (every point/D grants a better bonus to Sensors or other systems), and use Disadvantages by making the character vulnerable to hacking when connected to an affected system.  If the bonuses are only when connected to a specific one-of-a-kind starship like the Outlaw Star, these bonuses should be even greater (maybe +1D per point)).

   As for navigating the Galactic Leyline, this could be done with Advantages, but, as the Leyline was a major plot device in the Outlaw Star series, this could simply be given to the character for free and used to drive the campaign's plot towards finding and reaching the Leyline itself.

   Since Bioandroids are artificial but still living beings, they could take on cybernetics if GMs wish to allow this.  However, due to their artificial nature, they may also be programmable, for better or worse (Droid Program/Repair skill rolls).  While potentially being a benefit to such characters, it can become unbalancing if players can program new skills into themselves.  On the other hand, this would also make the character vulnerable to the code hacking attacks of Slicers, and possibly other devious invasive actions as well.

   They can be healed with medical skills and equipment just as any other living being and, except where GMs want to make differences or changes, they work like living biological characters in all other respects.

   Lastly, while made of fleshy components, if not actual flesh and blood, and not metals, plastics, etc, of the usual droids, Bioandroids could still technically use a version of droid components and parts.  However, these would also have to be made of such flesh-like materials, and be "grafted" onto or within the Bioandroid.  How far this is taken, or if it is even possible, is up to GMs to decide for their own games.  While players may not wish to go full "mad science" with Bioandroid characters, some truly monstrous adversaries could be made by GMs who wish to explore this possibility.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.