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Balnab View Update

10/October/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

   Hello, one and all!  Hellstormer1 here, and I have a treat for you.  As many of you out there in the world are very aware of, Halo: Reach was released last September 14th.  It's a hell of a game, and I have the chance to enjoy it when I can (XBOX Live, Killbayne).  If any of you have been keeping up with the news, Bungie has worked its way away from Microsoft and become atonymous again, getting ready for their own next big project, while Frank O'Connor stayed with microsoft to lead 343 Industries in all future Halo franchise endeavors. 

   In short, everyone went their separate ways happy, and we still have the right people to keep on giving us great games in the Halo universe!  YES!!!

   So, in honor of the times, I've begun working on Halo material.  I have not had time in a while to crank stuff out until now, though i am working to alter that.  Assuredly, I've always got ideas in my head...*The hamster wheel turns slowly*

   Before i go any further, I would like to extend a great and mighty THANK YOU out there to Bob the Dinosaur.  He had previously sent in Halo material that Freddy posted a while back.  The work is good.  Really good, I recommend having a look for any fans.

   The write-ups I have here are currently few, but they are a start of what's to come over time.  I will start with the UNSC side of things, weapons specifically, and work my way up, then on to the Covenant and finally Forrunner material.  Believe me, there's more to it all than you think!  Beyond the game series, there is much in the way of an Expanded Universe mounting to fill in the setting with all sorts of material.  And I'm gonna cover all I can find of it!

   If anyone out there has ideas for variant rules on anything, please feel free to send it all in.  My own stuff is simply variants and other ideas from Bob's, and I hope to see more of his own stuff in time.  Until then, enjoy some samples, hehehe!

    UNSC MA5B Assault Rifle, UNSC MA5C Assault Rifle, UNSC MA37 Assault Rifle, UNSC MA5K Carbine, and finally UNSC MA5K Carbine (Variant Rules).  These are variants of the MA5 series of UNSC firearms.  I have also added different rules for Autofire, wanting to try something different than what i had in D6 FIREARMS (D6 Supplements), trying to make something more fitting for the halo games.  Please tell me what you think of it, in comments or email, what have you.


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