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27/November/2010 Posted by HellStormer1

   Hellstormer1 here again.  Last night I added UNSC M168 Demolition Charge to Halo Equipment in Equipment D6, as well as UNSC SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, UNSC SRS99C-S2 AMB Sniper Rifle and UNSC SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, all to Halo Weapons in Equipment D6.  Truth be told, the rifles aren't that different.  I was looking at each incarnation of them from the Halo videogames, and had a desire to do them all as individual entries.  If people have ideas on this, please leave comments.  I'm thinking, over time, they could either have their rules become more diverse, or, simply list them all as variants under a single entry.

   The pics are what did it for me, lol.  They all look similar, yet each pic is distinctly different, as the Bungie guys redesigned the weapon each time to give it a different feel for the alterations they made in every game.  The Reach variant is the most powerful I think, like pretty much every other UNSC weapon in Reach.  Or, at the very least, is made to FEEL more powerful, with their harder design edges, more detailed hardware look, and of course the louder noise they make when fired.

- - - - - - - - - -

*Later, again...*

   Forgot to add UNSC Army M319 Individual Grenade Launcher, now in Halo Weapons in Equipment D6.  I hope you all like it.  It's the GL from Reach.  At first glance, it doesn't seem very powerful.  But when you take its Manual Detonation and EMP effects into play, use this to knock out shields or EMP a vehicle when they don't get bonus dice from their scale....then it becomes a very powerful weapon!  I would have added this sooner, but the net was out here all night.  Hope it was worth the wait.


- - - - - - - - - -

*Later still...*

did up the UNSC LAU-65D/SGM-151 Missile Pod, now in halo Weapons in Equipment D6.  This one I had fun with, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

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