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10/August/2011 Posted by Freddy

        Jason Dickerson has been producing a steady stream of amazing characters from his campaign (making me positively jealous, as my group just can't get our schedules together and get a game in at the moment).
        So today I'm adding Darth Sidil (Miraluka Sith Lord), Darth Sidainous (Dathomirian Sith Lord), Darth Malainous (Human Sith Lord), Darth Antarous (Zabrak Sith Lord), Darth Sinen (Zeltron Sith Lord), Darth Menemous (KajainsaNikto Sith Lord), Darth Devagar (Nautolan Sith Lord), Darth Slarous (Cathar Sith Lord), Darth Devicious (Chiss Sith Lord) and Darth Corrious (Kel Dor Sith Lord) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters section of the site. Much gratitude as always to Jason for this great work.

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