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Theron Nett (Human Starfighter Pilot/Smuggler)

Theron Nett (Human Starfighter Pilot/Smuggler)
Imperial sentry ship

Imperial sentry ship

Wrecker (Modified Clone) {as of Clone Wars Unfinished Episodes}

Wrecker (Modified Clone) {as of Clone Wars Unfinished Episodes} View Update

03/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

        Today I've uploaded a virtually completely rewritten, all backed up by its own Content Management System. I've taken this opportunity to use the new style developed by "Bob the Dinosaur", "L" and myself in early 2004.
        You can switch between this new style, and the old style (well the CMS version of the old style) by clicking the link in the top right corner of the page (this sets a cookie which will last a week recording your preference, after which it will default back to the new style).
        What does this mean for the site . . . well it makes doing pages a whole lot easier, allowing me to write, edit and upload pages and images from any web browser, which if nothing else removes one of the psychological reasons I've been avoiding updating the site (the pure amount of time to write an update, code it into HTML and upload it/test it), which might motivate me to do something.
        I'm also in the middle of planning out my time so I can devote a couple of hours one evening (its looking like a Tuesday at the moment) to working on Finally the CMS system also allows me to take on other administrators, allowing others to update the site.
The poll will be updated in the next couple of days, as I want opinions on what I should concentrate my time on, but I'll leave a full description of that till then.

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