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24/September/2017 Posted by Freddy

        Day 2 of Force Awakens week on RPGGamer, and today I've done vehicles, adding Gian-211 patrol speeder, Jakku Raider Speeder, Reys Speeder, Aratech-Loratus Corporation Light Infantry Utility Vehicle (LUV), All Terrain Mobile Artillery (AT-MA) and All Terrain Patrol Droid (AT-PD). I'm not happy with the AT-MA and the AT-PD, as I had to guess too many of the details, as we don't know the weapons, or even size of these vehicles properly yet. However, as more information comes out, I'll revisit and update these.
        Todays hero of the day is Finn (as of The Force Awakens), I used some of the Clone Commanders as a basis for his skill set, since as a Stormtrooper he will share a lot of the training with them.
        As with yesterday, these are only my versions of all of these, and I appreciate any feedback. Yesterday it was pointed out I'd made a mistake in the Resurgent Class, so I updated that as soon as I was notified.
        Also I'd like to point out that the Star Wars D/6 system gathers groups of weapons on Capital Ships into Batteries, giving them bonus damage and fire control as all of these weapons fire at a single target in unison. This does mean that D/6 vessels appear to have less weapons than they should. For example, I put the weapons on the Resurgent Class into Batteries of 10, meaning that it is only listed as having 150 weapons, but described as having 1500. The system does this, to avoid having to make 1500 attack rolls (150 is bad enough).

        Tomorrow, as of this moment, I'm not sure what I'm going to do maybe equipment, but we'll see. And at the moment, I'm thinking the character of the day will be Kylo Ren.


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