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MerenData A4 laboratory assistant droid
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Electroguillotine View Update

03/April/2008 Posted by Freddy

Well, I've finally closed the Poll asking what I should watch, and Doctor Who won, which is relevant as it starts again on the BBC on Saturday evening (I've set my recorder for it in case I forget). Some of the options became in-valid due to cancellation, and recent ones such as Bionic Woman, Sarah Connor Chronicles and even Heroes weren't present.
The full results were . . .

Which is the best current SciFi/Cult TV show ?

Battlestar Galactica
 [tally] 388
Doctor Who
 [tally] 412
StarGate SG1/Atlantis
 [tally] 278
 [tally] 34
 [tally] 26
 [tally] 232
 [tally] 24
The Simpsons
 [tally] 70
 [tally] 5
Ghost Whisperer
 [tally] 7
Night Stalker
 [tally] 4
 [tally] 164
votes: 2004

Well, the new poll is all about what you would like to see on the site, as we attempt to fulfill the sites name (since we aren't or (someone arrived searching for that one a couple of days ago). Its possible that you'd only like to see Star Wars D/6 content (which may prove a disapointment as we've already got some other content lined up).
But anyway, let me know in the Forums if theres any other games not listed you want covered, and vote to let me know.

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