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01/January/2018 Posted by Freddy

        A couple of updates from yesterdays reviewed episode, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 17: Ghosts of Mortis. Today I've added Metamorphosis to the Star Wars D/6 Force Section, and the Kuat Vehicles Undicur-class Jumpspeeder to the Star Wars D/6 Vehicles Section of the Site.

        I had intended to do The Father, The Son and The Daughter today, but I'm a little rushed for time, especially as it'll involve making the Force Wielder Species as well. If anyone else would like a go, then please send them in, or I may have time for a go tomorrow.

        Well, it's New Years Day, so Happy New Year to each and everyone who visits the site, I hope it's a great year for you. In 2017 I came back to the site, and since then we've added 308 sets of stats to the site, I've reviewed 67 movies and episodes of Clone Wars, and the numbers of visitors is climbing once again. With us having over 10,000 visitors looking at some 43,000 pages on the site during December alone. Many thanks to each and every one of you, I hope you found something to your liking, and I hope you come back.
        You can never predict the future, but keeping to the schedule of Reviewing one day, creating Stats the next seems to be working for me, and fingers crossed I should be able to keep going and creating content for the site, as this seems to have been keeping me motivated and organised enough for the past few months. Back tomorrow.


Comments made about this Article!

01/Jan/2018 18:10:10 Posted by jadawin


Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for all the stuff!!

Its good that you are able to come back online ;-)

I'm hoping to follow you again on next year (a New Hope, maybe ...)

02/Jan/2018 11:57:16 Posted by hellstormer1

Thanks jadawin, you too.

Freddy, I'd be tempted to take a crack at the Force Family, but I see them less as characters, more as plot devices. I'd say more, but don't want to give spoilers if you haven't covered the final episode in that story yet, or if a site patron hasn't but would want to watch it later. But as plot devices, and with how smooth the D6 systems flows, and the ease of making things up on the fly, these guys may be better off with a more generalized approach, maybe give descriptions of them (mainly their personalities), maybe relative strengths (and weaknesses?), or their strength in the Force (which also could be subjective and done loosely, as needed in whatever game they're used in).

I know there's not really any kind of character stat set that works that way, but I'm pulling this concept from another RPG system, Mutants & Masterminds. In it, all characters and NPCs have a set "Power Level" (PL) that helps balance things out. Power Levels usually range between 1 to 20, though they can be higher. But then the rules begin talking about "PL X" characters, who are so powerful and godlike that they don't need stats and are effectively plot devices, maybe with some kind of very specific weakness.

A good example of this would be Galactus from Marvel Comics, or other godlike entities like Dormamu (if you know your Doctor Strange), and the Celestials, or any of Marvel/DC Comics cosmic entities.

My point is, I think these guys could fit in the same category, more as a plot device, and player characters could roll against Difficulties based more on the situation than actually fighting these things' physical forms.

I could be off. It's been a long while since I saw those episodes.

02/Jan/2018 18:19:18 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

Once long ago this was a website among websites I checked and read all the time, so I am really happy to see new life in it. I will really try this year to actually contribute some stuff!

03/Jan/2018 14:10:48 Posted by Freddy

Many thanks for all the kind comments.
Having contributions to the site is always wonderful, but just seeing everyone who pops by and makes comments and suggestions for improvements to what's been put up is amazing too. I really mean it, many thanks to each and every one of you.
It's always been a matter of having a plan for me, that sitting down to a blank page each day and trying to think what to do is really hard. Whereas with the reviews, I know what I'm going to do each day, which takes most of the effort away. Either I'm doing a review, or I'm doing stats from the last review. Easy

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